Nokia Light Earbuds Live Images and User Manual Detected Before Launching at FCC


The Nokia Light Earbuds BH205 is the truly wireless earbuds coming from HMD Global. The couple was identified by 91 mobiles on the FCC certification website. The list posted live images of the earbuds and the charging case, revealing the complete design. The FCC website also has a user manual that shows how earbuds work. RealMe Light Earbuds do not have a launch date yet, but we can see them officially going in the coming weeks. HMD Global is one The launch event is scheduled for April 8 Rumors for Nokia X10 and Nokia X20 phones.

Nokia Light Earbuds Design Revealed

Direct images of the FCC show a real-time lightbuds BH205 with an extended charging case that supports Type-C cable. Case in glossy black. Inside the case, two ear buds are horizontal. Each earbud stem comes with a long stem design with charging pins at the bottom. The stem joins the bulge instead. Earbuds come with silicone ear tips, so they should provide a kind of passive noise dissipation.

Nokia Light Earbuds User Manual

According to the user manual, the earbuds come with an LED indicator light, which turns red when charging and turns off when fully charged. Earbuds also support touch controls, allowing you to tap single, double or triple to control music playback or calls. This is all the information we can get from the user manual.


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