Nokia G10 specifications can be launched as a tip, gaming phone

The Nokia G10 launch is just around the corner. HMD Global, for the most part, has not strayed from its original naming scheme Nokia Smartphones. However, since the so-called Nokia G10 includes the Nokia-branded gaming smartphone, it is set to change soon. NokiaPower user Is Said About the existence of the device by one of their roots. This smartphone comes with model number TA-1334. Keep in mind that the possibility of Nokia G10 becoming a gaming smartphone is not just.

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NokiaPowers The information is further verified by the list Russian retailer Rof Website. However, the list looks like a kind of placeholder and tells us very little in the way of the Nokia G10 specifications. It seems to have at least one variant with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage; Less than the ideal configuration for a mid-range smartphone in the current year, even less so for a gaming smartphone. Compared to things like Asus’ ROG phone 5, a gaming phone with 4GB of RAM is much smaller, with up to 18GB of RAM. That is why the Nokia G10 is the new affordable smartphone.

HMD Global is probably looking to offer new mid-range smartphones to its audience. HM Global’s plans may be similar to Motorola’s, which includes Moto G line smartphones. The company recently launched Moto G10 And Moto G30. In particular, Motorola plans to launch Moto G10 Power and Moto G30 in India On March 9th. We hope to learn more about the Nokia G10 specifications and launch the timeline in the coming weeks.


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