Nokia and Google sign partnership for 5G-enabled cloud solutions for Amazon and MS


Nokia announced in March that it had partnered with Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft to research, activate and develop 5G cloud solutions for companies.

Nokia and Google Cloud use Google’s Edge computing technology to develop solutions and use cases to address major 5G scenarios for companies worldwide. It collaborates to develop a joint solution in conjunction with the platform and the application system.

Similarly, the partnership between Nokia and AWS is the development of an innovative Proof-of-Concept (POC), the two companies will work together to research and revitalize vRAN and O-RAN technologies to contribute to the development of 5G expansion and new utility cases. Explained that it was targeted.

Nokia is working with Microsoft to actively detect 4G and 5G private wireless usage cases for new markets designed for businesses. The two companies plan to combine Nokia’s vRAN technology with Microsoft Azure cloud-based services and developer ecosystem to increase end-user functionality through new business cases.

In March, Nokia announced the launch of a service-enabled platform (SEP), a commercial solution that provides wireless network programming functions, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) innovations in Open RAN (O-). RAN) Ecosystem.

Nokia has completed the first RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) demonstration on the commercial network, and proof of concept for O-RAN and RIC with major global mobile carriers and research organizations, including public demonstrations with AT&T and China Mobile. (POC) is actively involved in performance and development.


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