Nokia 2.4 review


We currently have a selection of entry level smartphones in the Indian market, all priced at around Rs. 10,000, and recently announced Nokia 2.4 Might be another competitor. Launched in India In November 2019, Rs. At 10,399, Nokia offers 2.4 users a larger battery and display, and guarantees a two-year Android software upgrade. However, do we deserve to do it? List of recommended phones In this section? Let’s find out.

Nokia 2.4 design

HMD Global It rarely disappoints when it comes to the design of its phones and although it is a Nokia 2.4 entry level model, it looks very premium. It is relatively slim at 8.69mm and not too heavy at 189g. The texture pattern and gradient color scheme used on the back is unique. I have a fjord (blue) color, and this phone is also available in twilight (light ple da) and charcoal. Thanks to the matte finish on the back fingerprints is not really a problem, and it is easy to hold the phone even with greasy palms.

Nokia 2 4 Review Battery sss

Nokia 2.4 is a good phone and well built

Nokia 2.4 has a dedicated Google Assistant button that can be disabled if you do not use it, but cannot be programmed to start any other application or task. The volume and power buttons sit on the right side of the phone and have a better view. Nokia 2.4 has a triple slot tray and a microSD card for two nano SIMs. There is a headphone jack at the top and a micro-USB port at the bottom, next to a single loudspeaker.

The Nokia 2.4 has a 6.5-inch HD + display with good color saturation. However, since the front glass is very reflective and the screen is not very bright, it can be tricky to see your content clearly during the day. Significant chin at the bottom and a notch at the top, with thick bezels around the entire appearance. Expect from the phone at this price.

The capacitive fingerprint sensor on the back works well, but I found the face recognition to be a bit slow and it doesn’t work well under very dim lighting. Nokia 2.4 is IPX2, rated for protection against light splashes of water.

Nokia 2 4 Review Headphone sss

Nokia 2.4 has a 3.5mm headphone jack

Nokia 2.4 features and software

HMD Global uses the slightly dated MediaTek Helio P22 octa-core SOS for Nokia 2.4. Most smartphones of this price or less are compatible with the recent Helio G35 SoC, but their specifications are not much different. Among benchmarks such as GeekBench and PCMark, Nokia 2.4 lags slightly behind the latest Helio G35 powered phones Micromax in 1B (Review). However, both performed similarly in other tests.

Nokia 2.4 is only available in one configuration, with 3GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. Other features include Wi-Fi N, Bluetooth 5, FM radio, support for multiple satellite navigation systems and some basic sensors. The Nokia 2.4 has a 4,500 mAh battery that lasts for up to two days on a single charge.

Android 10 Looks lean thanks to its near-stock rendition. Unlike basic Google Apps Netflix, Is the only self-defense app from HMD Global called My Phone. Nokia 2.4 is part of Google’s Android One program, which guarantees three years of monthly security updates and two years of Android software updates. The Settings app includes toggles for basic gestures that allow you to quickly perform tasks such as mute incoming calls.

Nokia 2 4 Review Notchss

The Nokia 2.4 has a thick bezel around the display and a notch for a selfie camera

Nokia 2.4 performance and battery life

The Helio P22 was a good chip for its time, but is now starting to show its age. Even with almost bone-stock Android and 3GB of RAM, the OS seems to be a bit slow at all times. Animations are easy to stutter when you open a new window or swipe on home screens. We’m used to see this with budget phones, but I’m not looking back on a phone without a custom Android skin. However, you can get used to the log after a while, as it will not cause much disruption to usage.

Nokia 2.4 can handle global tasks well. Apps take a little longer than usual to load, but after that I didn’t have much trouble. There are also a few more heavy apps or games to manage Nokia 2.4. For example, the usual titles between us are not the problem, but the phone has worked hard to provide playable frame rates in Corks Drift Racing 2, even in the lowest graphics settings.

The display produces good colors when viewing videos or any kind of content, the viewing angles are very weak. It is almost impossible to see anything when the phone is tilted, for example if it is lying on a table, even in full brightness. The audio coming from the speaker is short, only the voices in the music or the conversations in the video can be heard adequately, the mid and low notes are heavily suppressed.

Nokia 2 4 Review Sim S

The dedicated Google Assistant button on the left is useful if you use voice commands extensively

Nokia 2.4 offers better battery life. I was able to use it easily for a day and a half on one charge, which is very good. However, when you need to charge this phone, it only charges at 5W so it takes a long time. In my experience, the battery charges at only 32 percent per hour using an adapter.

Nokia 2.4 cameras

The cameras in Nokia 2.4 are very simple. On the back is a primary 13-megapixel sensor with f / 2.2 aperture and a secondary 2-megapixel depth sensor. The selfie camera has a 5 megapixel sensor with f / 2.4 aperture. The camera app offers standard shooting modes, including night mode. Maximum support for videos for front and rear cameras is 1080p.

Image quality is definitely average even when shooting during the day. HDR works well but photos I take usually have muted colors and weak details in landscape shots. Auto focus is a bit slow to respond, but it is useful for relatively sharp close-up shots. Portrait mode is a bit of a hit or miss, but at least the app allows you to adjust the blur level and the type of bokeh pattern you want for extended light sources.

Nokia 2.4 Daytime Camera Model (Click to view larger image)

Nokia 2.4 closeup camera model (click to view larger image)

Nokia 2.4 Selfie Camera Model (Click to view larger image)

Nokia 2.4 Night Mode Camera Model (Click to view larger image)

Cameras do not work well in low light, producing shots with weak details and chroma noise in dark areas. Night mode, sadly, is no different compared to standard photo mode. Selfies shot in good light looked dull with muted colors. In low light, selfies look grainy and smooth and the screen flash is not effective here.


The Nokia 2.4 It seems to be kept a few feet below the current asking price. Good design, good battery life and slender software aside, in fact very little. Slightly priced at Rs. 10,000, I think you are good Motorola Moto G9 (Review) For a little more money.

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