New Instagram feature under test: Repost Instagram posts or reels to your profile


He asked Instagram head Adam Mosseri ‘what’s dis Adam’, pointing the emoji towards the new repost profile tab. Two days later, Matt himself retweeted the same thread touting the new repost tab as a new Instagram repost feature. Here is the thread:

According to a TechCrunch report, a Meta spokesperson emailed the publication to confirm that Instagram, the Meta-owned app, is testing a feature that would allow users to reshare posts on their feeds. “We’re exploring the ability to reshare posts in the feed – similar to how you can reshare stories – so that people can share what resonates with them and the original creators are credited for their work.[…] We plan to test it with a small number of people soon.

The screenshot shared by Matt The new repost feature is a brand new way to share with followers and users will find the repost feature in the share option of a post or reel. It further reveals that users can recommend certain posts to their friends by reposting them to their feed or a story they enjoy. The new feature is also said to help users spark a conversation with their followers, as they can reply to reposts with a message. Moreover, before sharing any repost, users can also have the option to add a caption to it.

Until now users could only share other users’ posts or reels by adding them to their story, which expires within 24 hours, or by using a third-party app to show the post on their profile. But the new Repost feature gives users an edge by having another option to share a post or reel to their profiles as a permanent post without using an external app. Obviously, both TikTok and Twitter also have their own features.

Instagram recently started testing a lot of new features A feature that copies the popular new social media appA feature Test ultra-tall photoscharacteristic of Converting all Instagram videos to ReelsFeature to test A new TikTok-like full-screen experience for its feed, And so on.


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