Minecraft 1.20 update will bring camels, bamboo crafting, and more | 91mobiles.com


Reported by Eurogamer, Minecraft 1.20 introduces camels that can jump short distances and carry two players. Along with these, the game gets chiseled bookshelves, hanging signs and bamboo crafting. With bamboo crafting, players can build a bamboo raft to travel across bodies of water. Before the Minecraft 1.20 update, the game will get the latest default skins on November 29, 2022. These give you seven more options when you start playing the game. The developer will share more details about Minecraft 1.20 in the coming months. The previous Minecraft 1.19 update introduced a new biome, mob and many other elements to the game.

Mojang offers another look Minecraft Legends, an upcoming real-time strategy spinoff game. Launching in 2023, Minecraft Legends lets you explore a massive procedurally generated world as you ride a beast. You can summon friendly animals as well as monsters, collect resources from them and send them to battle in Minecraft Legends. Mojang also paid tribute to the late Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade, who won this year’s mob vote for The Sniffer.


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