MediaTek Dimension 1000+ SoC-Powered 5G Smartphones India Launches in 2021

The company has announced that it will launch SoC-powered 5G smartphones from leading brands in the MediaTek Dimension 1000+ flagship in India in early 2021. MediaTek says its Dimension series 5G chipsets will power the next wave of 5G devices in the country. According to the company, its Dimension 1000+ is the world’s most advanced integrated 5G SoC, enabling phone makers to offer ‘premium experiences’ to Indian consumers with advanced power saving technologies. The flagship chipset was launched in May this year.

In a press release, MediaTech He said the Indian market is fundamental to the “seamless connectivity and transformative speed” offered by 5G. MediaTek is at the forefront of the global 5G revolution and we are working with leading smartphone brands to bring 5G enabled devices to Indian consumers. Our flagship-grade MediaTek Dimension 1000+ It provides a premium experience with the arrival of Indian telecom executives to deploy 5G in the country quickly, ”said Dr Yenchi Lee, Deputy General Manager, Mediatech’s Wireless Communications Business Unit.

As mentioned, 7nm MediaTek Dimension 1000+ SoC Enabled In May of this year. The 5G chip provides optimizations for faster refresh rates and comes with features such as HyperEngine 2.0, UltraSave Technologies and Miravision Picture Quality Engine Support. MediaTek Dimension 1000+ supports SoC 144Hz refresh rate panels and integrates with the new HyperEngine 2.0 technology that enhances the gaming performance of the smartphone. It also claims to bring a more consistent 5G experience with less interruption during video and voice calls. Gaming changes to 5G according to the phone and to 4G while on standby.

There is also a new 5G ultrasound technology that helps save battery even when using 5G networks. MediaTek claims that the 7nm Dimension 1000+ SoC consumes 48 percent less power than other competing chips. It has low latency, anti-jamming technology and comes with the latest Miravision technology, which improves image quality and brings video playback improvements.

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