May be the successor of the Internet … What is ‘Metawares’?


Metaverse can inherit the modern Internet by providing a virtual network connected to millions of 3D experiences.

You’ve probably heard the term ‘metawares’ many times recently. This is the latest sensation in the IT industry. Some have described the concept as a post-internet experience, excluding 2D displays for a more immersive and intuitive 3D experience.

Facebook is changing its name to meta, showing how serious the company is about the metawares concept and being at the forefront of making Facebook or meta metawares a reality before other companies get involved.

But no one knows how the metawares will be, how they will be, and when they will be released. Metawares is still in the early stages of creation and there is no proper vision or explanation of how it will be or how it will work. The meaning and current status of the known metavers so far is as follows.

What is Metawares

Metaverse is considered the successor to the Internet, providing a ‘website-like’ experience, but all displayed in 3D.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sees Metaverse as a virtual environment that fills the space between apps, games and websites, allowing for a more fluid browsing experience. It is a connected virtual community web where people can not only play together but also socialize, shop and work together.

The Metawars concept is still in its infancy and no one knows how it will change, but the concept and ideas are similar to Oasis in Ready Player One, complete with fully rendered virtual avatars.

Think about being able to walk around a virtual shopping mall. But not every store is a store, virtual concert, art studio, digital store or multiplayer game. The possibilities are endless. You can hang out with your friends, have fun and start big things together.

“Most metawares experience can teleport from one experience to another,” Zuckerberg said.

We have already seen the launch of Metawares with VR collaborative tools such as Horizon Workshops that provide a more intuitive experience than the standard video call grid and the social-centered Horizon Worlds are currently in active development.

Horizon Home also replaces Oculus Home on the Quest Platform. This homepage has small metawares with a virtual home area, where you can join the game with friends on the quest platform and easily turn around.

This is not a new concept and is currently being followed by Facebook (or Meta) and other IT companies.

Metaverse, is this just VR?

VR is a great way to explore metawares that offer the most immersive experience, but there are also plans to make it available on 2D displays such as mobiles and PCs in the same way that gamers play 3D games on flat-panel displays.

Ultimately, the Metawars will be based on VR headsets, augmented reality glasses and other wearable technology, but this will be preceded by a transition. People experience anything before metavars, which plays an important role in understanding metavars.

Will Metaverse take over Facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook / Meta team specifically talk about metawares, but there are countless tech companies working on this concept. In fact, Facebook relies heavily on others to keep it as open as possible.

It has been confirmed that several IT companies, including Epic, Nvidia and Microsoft, are reviewing the Metawares concept. Epic, the creator of the famous game Fortnight, actually raised $ 1 billion from investors for a long-term metawars plan.

Richard Kerris, Vice President, NVIDIA Omnibus Platforms, said: “Most companies build virtual worlds and environments in metavars in the same way they do on the World Wide Web.” For this, openness and expansion are important. “You can teleport from one company to another or to another world in a way that a user can navigate from one web page to another.”

Game developers are also interested in metawares. Roblox, another major player in the early stages of Metaverse, described the post-Internet platform as “a place where people can come together in millions of 3D experiences”.

So while companies can control their ‘world’ in metawars, the whole concept is not dominated by a company like Facebook. The Internet as we know it does not belong to one person or one company.

When do metavers appear?

This is definitely the hardest question to answer. But in general, it will still take a few years for you to wear the VR headset and turn around the metawares. Before Facebook Connect 2021, Andrew Bose Bosworth, Facebook Vice President of AR&VR, said it could take more than a decade to launch.

However, this has been discussed very early and extensively because companies can come together to fix not only performance issues, but also other basic aspects of law or post-internet services.

So, while we may see various aspects of metawares being implemented over the next few years, there is still a long way to go until a coordinated metawars network that connects everything in the virtual world.


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