LinkedIn denies data breach and does not plan to notify affected users


Professional networking site LinkedIn is the latest to face the severity of a major data breach. It comes a few days after it was discovered Data of approximately 533 million Facebook users Leaked online for free. According to the new Report Through CyberNews, more than 500 million users’ data has been leaked on LinkedIn, paving the way for hackers to sell it for a hefty price.

The data is already listed on hacker forums and, according to one of them, user details have been scraped from the LinkedIn profiles of 500 million users. This report further highlights the user details such as email address, phone number, gender through the dataset. But LinkedIn claims that it does not take all the data from its platform, except for many websites and companies.

“We investigated the alleged LinkedIn data posted for sale and concluded that it was in fact collecting data from a number of websites and companies,” LinkedIn said in a statement. Here.

In fact, the Microsoft-owned platform says it’s not a LinkedIn data breach. The company has already identified the profile details that people can see.

LinkedIn does not plan to notify affected users

While further clarifying its stance on scraping user data for abuse, the company does not talk about the possibility of reaching affected customers. Going through the Rule Book, if any data is accessed through your platform, the company will notify its customers about this event and inform them of the situation.

So we need to see what happens to affected customers in the coming months. However, we recommend that you change the details and password of everyone on the platform and enable two-factor authentication to prevent your account from being hacked.


Written By [Baji Infotech]