LED TV blast in Ghaziabad: Teen killed, two others injured in accident


Officials suspect that the explosion may have occurred due to voltage fluctuations. Family members said the victim and his friend were watching a movie on TV when the mother was doing some work on the first floor of the house when the blast occurred.

The youth, identified by the police as Omendra, was seriously injured in the blast and died while undergoing treatment. Small, sharp particles from the LED screen are said to have hit his face. The youth’s mother and friend were also injured in the blast. Neighbors in the neighboring houses said that they heard a loud explosion and thought that the cylinder must have exploded. On inspection, three victims were found in the house.

LED TV explosion

Officials said it was a significant explosion that also left a huge hole in the wall. Fire department officials said there were no other flammable materials in the house that could have caused the explosion. But locals say that there are frequent voltage fluctuations in this area.

The make and model of the LED TV is still unknown. We tried to contact Harsh Vihar Police Station, Ghaziabad but could not identify the make/model of the exploded LED TV.

While it is unusual for an LED TV to explode like this, it has happened before. Short circuit, voltage fluctuations, frayed wires and cords, shoddy repairs, faulty capacitors and the like are common causes of such an explosion.


Source by [91 Mobiles]

Written By [Baji Infotech]