KT selected ‘Pangyo 2nd Techno Valley Smart Industrial Complex Construction’ Operator


KT announced that it has been selected as the ‘Pangyo 2nd Techno Valley Smart Industrial Complex (Industrial Complex) Construction’ ordered by Jeonggi Housing and Urban Corporation.

KT will undertake the project based on the experience of successfully building the infrastructure and platform for autonomous driving in the initial project of ‘Pangyo Zero City Autonomous Driving Test Bed Construction’ in 2017. Representative projects include the G5G-based Autonomous Cooperative Electric Bus పరిశ్రమ 4th Industry Exhibition and Experience Hall Ten Integrated Platform for Smart Industrial Complexes for Rental Companies.

For this project, Katie plans to introduce electric buses for autonomous cooperative driving for the first time in Korea. Based on 5G Vehicle Object Communication (V2X), the bus is equipped with security services such as traffic lights, intelligent CCTV and pedestrian detectors.

In addition, KT also offers Precision Positioning (RTK) technology, which was introduced in the Jeju Intelligent Traffic Control (C-ITS) project and confirmed its impact on Pango. In addition, it provides a platform to provide geographical and spatial information (GIS), dynamic maps for autonomous driving (LDM) and infotainment (IVI) for vehicles.

KT has partnered with electric bus manufacturer Edison Motors and Silicon Valley startup Phantom AI since the planning stage to produce electric buses for autonomous cooperative driving without rebuilding existing internal combustion engine vehicles. Through this, durability and system stability are strengthened and the service operating system is secured.

The 4th Industry Exhibition and Experience Center will have a system to promote smart industrial complexes and be created as a place to showcase and experience new products and new technologies of rental companies. The 4th Industry Exhibition and Experience Center provides promotional opportunities to rental companies through the use of promotional platforms such as Smart Wheels and Briefing Walls. In addition, it provides a space to experience major technologies such as AR, robots and hollow lenses.

Also, KT’s Smart City Platform, based on Citymakers, was built as a smart industrial complex platform to support rental companies and provide industrial complex management services. City Makers can manage all services and solutions in a comprehensive manner in the Smart City. The company claims to have achieved stability and scalability by obtaining TTA certification from the Korea Information and Communication Technology Association, the world-class ICT certification body.

KT Connected Car Biz Center Managing Director Kang-Rim Choi said, “KT Pangyo has undertaken not only the 2nd Techno Valley project, but also the construction of autonomous driving infrastructure, including C-ITS, as part of the Digital Transport Innovation. Implemented and applied to smart industrial complexes across the country. ”Ciokr@idg.co.kr


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