“IPhone 13, matte black restored, ‘cut’ becomes smaller.”


The iPhone 12 has not been released, but the possibilities of the iPhone 13 are already starting to appear in the market. In this article, I will collect and update the latest rumors and related reports with little hesitation. Regardless of the reliability of the source, Apple may change or cancel plans for a number of reasons.

The ‘matte black’ option has been restored in the Pro model

Max Weinbach, who foretold the iPhone 13’s always on-display option, gave some possibilities for the next generation iPhone’s pro model. Through the Everything Apple Pro YouTube channel, Weinbach predicts that the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max will have a darker matte black option than the graphite color instead of the Spanish gray. Apple has applied the matte black option to the iPhone 7. In addition, the Pro model will be treated with a new stainless steel coating that will minimize fingerprints and stains, and the camera bump will not protrude as before.

Regarding the camera, Weinbach said the portrait mode, which extends from the iPhone 12 to the full model, relies on a new process that combines data from the camera lens and lidar sensor. In addition, Apple is developing a new image stabilization correction technology that will keep this in mind when shooting video.

Do small notches look like this?

Rumor has it that the iPhone 13 will come with a short line and this is the first time we have seen this new line. Greece-based repair expert Eye Repair has provided a photo for McRumar, which is expected to be the new line on the next generation iPhone. The most noticeable thing is that the speaker case is moved to the top, and the notch is thinner and narrower. Ideally, the line disappears completely, but if the image is accurate, this is a big step.


The line becomes smaller and the battery capacity increases

Six months before the release of the iPhone 13, various information and relationships related to it are fast appearing. Apple Expert Analyst New report by Ming Qi GuoAccording to the report, the new iPhone is expected to use a quality X60 modem. The X60 modem is smaller and more powerful than the X55 modem in the iPhone 12. In addition, Guo explained, “The logic board is equipped with a large capacity battery with an integrated SIM card slot and a space-saving design that reduces the thickness of the Face ID component.” As the face ID components are thinner, the notch is expected to be smaller.

1TB of storage and LiDAR

If you are frustrated with the iPhone storage limit, iPhone 13 seems to solve this problem. Expert analyst for Apple’s Asian supply chain Daniel Eve of Websh The iPhone 13 hopes to include a 1TB storage option. Currently, it is limited to the Pro model with a maximum capacity of 512GB, which is expected to cost around $ 400 more.

Ive estimates that the iPhone 12’s lidar sensor will be installed on the entire iPhone 13 model. Applying the lidar, which is currently exclusively for professional models, to entry level models will help bring AR into the mainstream.

Will always be on display

YouTube channel ”EverthingAppleProMax Weinbark predicts that the next generation iPhone will always have an on-lock screen. This feature allows you to always see the clock, battery level and notifications on the lock screen. To save battery, it uses low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LPTO) OLED displays such as the Apple Watch, explains Wayne Bark. In addition, it is expected that the promotion (promotion) that supports the 120Hz refresh rate will be applied to the Pro model.

Meanwhile, Wayne Bark claims that the next generation iPhone will use “soft matte” material on the back, which improves the connectivity of the MagSafe accessory, supports astrophotography, portrait mode video and camera sensors, and lens improvements.

The next iPhone S model

According to Bloomberg’s Mark German, Apple engineers plan to release the next iPhone as an S – level in 2021. Previously, Apple claimed that the S design model, like the iPhone X and iPhone XS, was a product with some major functional changes compared to previous iPhones.

German reports that Apple has begun the early development of foldable smartphones that have recently begun to spread on Android. A prototype foldable display was developed, but it was not until the stage that it became integrated with the iPhone. The German found that there was an almost invisible internal key with the electronics behind the folding display. However, the iPhone with the foldable display will be released later this year.

Ultra-wide camera function is expected to be significantly improved

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is known for his precise predictions about the iPhone, predicts that the iPhone 12, which will appear in 2021, will retain its design and screen size, while the All and Wide-Angle Camera Pro and Pro Max models will improve significantly.



Currently, the Pro and Pro Max models are equipped with an ultra-wide-angle camera with f / 2.4 and 5-element lenses, and the next iPhone Pro model is expected to have an ultra-wide-angle camera with a 6-element lens at f / 1.8. As the aperture increases, more light is received and in low-light environments, the image quality is expected to improve and the autofocus function improves.

By 2022, all models will have ultra-wide-angle lenses that are currently exclusive to the Pro and Pro Max models, with Pro models having the new optical zoom lens.

Meanwhile, Kuo predicts that for next year’s iPhone, the port will disappear completely, a 120 Hz promotion display will be applied, and the next-generation Touch ID will be installed directly on the display or power button. editor@itworld.co.kr


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