IPhone 12 Mini US sales disappoint after launch: CIRP


The iPhone 12 series looks to be making great sales for Apple in the US, with the exception of the iPhone 12 Mini, according to a new report from CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners). Data released by the company indicates that iPhone 12 models accounted for 76 percent of new iPhone sales in October and November – basically the time they were released. By comparison, the iPhone 11 series accounted for 69 percent of sales during the period it launched last year. The iPhone 12 Mini accounted for only 6 percent of sales, and weak demand was attributed to the high price associated with the smaller model.

There is a new report from CIRP Accessed By 9to5Mac, and if it is IPhone 12, IPhone 12 Pro, And IPhone 12 Pro Max Looked good sales in the US IPhone 12 Mini Not much attention was paid. It is reported that only 6 per cent of the total attracted IPhone Sales in October and November. Analyst Mike Levine explained in a report, “The new iPhone Mini is disappointing Apple There were only 6 percent sales during this period. It has a lot of features similar to other iPhone 12 models, which is smaller in form 699 (approximately Rs. 51,000). Its share is slightly higher than that IPhone XR, Launched in 2018 and now priced at $ 499 (approximately Rs. 36,400) IPhone 11, Now 99 599 (approximately Rs. 43,800), and 2nd generation IPhone SE, Launched in April 2020 at $ 399 (approximately Rs. 29,100). Its high price compared to those three models seems to have limited the iPhone 12 Mini’s appeal. ”

The iPhone 12 saw the highest share of new iPhone sales in America at 27 percent. The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max accounted for about 20 percent of new U.S. iPhone sales in October and November. The report said that last year the iPhone 11 was clearly the winner among the other three in terms of sales, but this year, with the exception of the iPhone 12 Mini, it seems that the sales performance of these three is evenly distributed.

In 2019, the iPhone 11 accounted for an incredible 39 percent of sales, while the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max combined accounted for only 30 percent of sales, the report said.

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