Intel Upton Memory H20, SSD 670P, Data Center SSD announced

Intel has unveiled a number of new SSDs for client PCs as well as data centers. This lineup includes opton memory and opton persistent memory drives, as well as 144-layer QLC and TLC flash-based drives that can meet a variety of usage situations. The company has unveiled new roadmaps for its company customers. These announcements are part of a two-day memory and storage program that includes multiple keynotes, demonstrations, case studies, and developer sessions on memory and storage technology. Exact details about the price and availability of the six new SSDs have not yet been announced.

The upgrade starts with the Intel Upton Memory H20 Opten Memory H10 Announced at CES 2019. Like its predecessor, it combines Intel’s high-speed opton memory with a traditional flash on a single PCIe M.2 module. It targets slim and light notebooks and ultra-compact PCs that do not have room for multiple storage ranges. It is marketed for gaming and content creation along with performance and productivity. The two types of flash storage have their own controllers and are divided into four PCI 3.0 lanes. They do not interact directly with each other, but are integrated into a single logical drive using Intel’s software. Upton memory caches important data to speed up reads and writes, while NAND flash is used for storage as usual.

According to Anandtech, Upton Memory H10 is not available in retail and is shipped only to laptop manufacturers for use on pre-built systems. It is available with 512GB or 1TB QLC NAND and 32GB of opton memory. It needs an 11th generation ‘Tiger Lake‘Cannot be used for CPU and desktop platforms.

The Intel SSD 670p is a refresh of the SSD 660p. It has a new controller and 144-layer QLC flash storage on the PCIe 3.0 interface. It also benefits from better cash allocation. It is available in retail in 512GB, 1TB and 2TB models and is targeted at mainstream PC usage cases. Pricing and performance information have not yet been announced.

The remaining products announced are SSD D7-P5510 and SSD D5-P5316 NVMe Data Center SSDs, 144-layer TLC and QLC Flash, respectively; Second generation Upton SSD P5800X; And the Upton Persistent Memory 300-Series, which uses the DIMM form factor. No other user SSDs, Independent opton drives Or Opten memory modules Announced.

Toms Hardware For future SSDs, Intel has revealed plans to develop a PLC or penta-level flash that will allow the cell to store up to five bits. Intel Recently sold its NAND flash section SK has exited to develop its partnership with Hynix and Micron‌ 3D Expoint, Type of flash used Develop Upten products.

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