Instagram Lite makes a comeback in India, focusing on new content program reels

Instagram Product VP Vishal Shah on Wednesday revealed at the Facebook Fuel for India virtual event that Facebook is testing the Instagram Lite app in India. The new app comes in less than 2MB in size. Facebook initially tested the Instagram Lite app in the country in June 2018. However, the app went offline in May this year and was quietly re-launched in September. In addition to testing the new Instagram Lite app, the photo- and video-sharing platform has brought the second version of its ‘Born on Instagram’ program, which helps creators enhance their social presence.

New Instagram Lite, Specially made Android The devices are designed to provide the core Instagram experience, which includes some features Reels, Shopping, And IGTV. It is available in Bangla, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu.

“Today, we are announcing the IG Lite test in India,” Shah said during his keynote address at the Facebook Fuel for India event. “It was built to provide access to a high-quality Instagram experience for our customers in India, regardless of device, platform and network.”

Instagram Conducted a research in the country, which resulted in “compromised internet experience as a result of low-memory phones and large-sized applications”. The company said it decided to research the context to test the new lightweight app in the country.

Instagram though Tested Similar experience through the original Instagram Lite app in 2018, the new version will offer better speed, performance and responsiveness. It is listed Google Play For Download In September Reported By Android Police.

With the new Instagram Lite app, Facebook Now there are “light” versions of it Simple app As well as Messiah And Instagram.

Along with the new app, Instagram has brought the ‘Born on Instagram 2.0’ creator program to the country. It was designed as the next version of the initiative Enabled In November 2019 the creators will help show and display their photos and videos to the public.

The new version of the ‘Born on Instagram’ program aims to embed features, including reels. It lasts for a period of six months and continues to offer masterclasses from internal and external experts. This program allows creators to gain collaboration and guidance opportunities.

Interested creators can Joining For the ‘Born on Instagram 2.0’ program from the official portal.

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