Instagram is down now, with users around the world complaining of crashes

It looks like Instagram is down for a lot of users around the world. This issue seems to be unevenly distributed, which works for some users and not for others. As Instagram users complain about failures towards Twitter and other social platforms, the useless week continues with another high profile failure. The hashtag #Instagramdown is now trending on Twitter, and many Android users have told us that their app is crashing, although others have confirmed that it still works well.

Officer Instagram Manage Twitter Nothing has been posted so far about the interruption, however Trending hashtag Makes it clear that this is a widespread problem. According to Website Status Trackers at Down detector, Instagram’s issues started steaming at around 5PM on Friday and it seems to have reached around 8PM.

Other Facebook products, such as WhatsApp and Messenger, along with Instagram and Facebook All are down A little earlier this month. During that interruption, idle time was reported mostly in most parts of Europe, although it also affected other areas.

Image Sharing Social Network has joined many popular platforms that have faced interruptions this week. We saw a Major Google Failure at Start of the week, And Netflix There is also Thursday offline. Instant messaging platform Telegram Encountered Interrupted Thursday, And FacebookPopular Instagram joined the growing list on Friday.

instagram down instagram

It seems that the problems started from 2PM on Friday on Instagram
Photo credit: Screenshot / Down Detector

It is not clear if there are any common threads to these interruptions – Google’s interruption was linked on Monday due to a problem with the company’s automated quota management system. According to the company. The resulting failure removed all major Google services, including Google Docs, YouTube and Gmail. Other companies have not yet revealed the details of what caused the problems on their platforms.

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