Information so far on ‘Intel Arc GPU’


Intel will launch the consumer graphics card platform ‘Arc’ early next year. Can the Nvidia RTX 30-Series and AMD Radeon RX 6000-Series move the dominant market? Let’s look at the key information.Information so far on ‘Intel Arc GPU’

What is Intel Arc?
It is a brand that has expanded Intel graphics technology. That is, it includes hardware, software, and services. Intel did not elaborate on this. However, along with Nvidia graphics hardware, it also offers services such as ‘Nvidia Broadcast’ and ‘GeForce Now’.

When it comes to hardware, Intel says it supports advanced features such as arc mesh shading, real-time ray tracing, AI super-sampling and 4K video upscaling.

The code for the actual product has already appeared. The code name of the first graphics card is ‘Alchemist’, and after that, products like Bottle‌Mage, Astronomy, and Druid appear.

Release date and price?
Intel has officially confirmed that the Alchemist graphics card will be available in the first quarter of next year. A post on Weibo states that CES will launch in 2022 in January. This may be a valid argument for the post that appeared before formalizing the Intel Arc brand. In addition, some expect full details about the Arc to be revealed at the ‘Intel On’ event in late October.

There is very little information about the price. The current market situation, where the MSRP of the manufacturer and the actual market price are significantly different, fuels uncertainty. We can expect this to be a reminder of the fact that Intel’s i740 graphics card appeared at a relatively low price a decade ago.

Features and performance
Intel has officially announced the Arc brand and said that various GPUs are being developed, but did not disclose much information about the performance and features of the first GPU.

One of the pieces of information mentioned is that it is based on Intel’s XE-HPG microarchitecture. The company claims that microarchitecture will benefit from advanced graphics features such as AI-based super-sampling.

The company said in March that Intel’s first Xe HPG would be “20x faster” than previous Crystal Well-integrated graphics. The Crystal Well is a Haswell desktop CPU built into the board with 128MB of cash. The GPU Iris Pro 5200 is integrated with this processor.

Meanwhile, Intel Gaming websiteWe are hosting the event to present the Arc Alchemist Graphics Card. If you have a question for Intel and visit Intel’s YouTube channel, the event will continue until August 30.