IBM builds integrated IT service management system for Korea & Lotte Hotels & Resorts


IBM Korea announces successful completion of Lotte Hotels & Resorts’ IT Service Management (ITSM) system construction project (hereinafter referred to as Lotte Hotels).

Through this project, the company explained that Lotte Hotel‌ has set up a standard IT service process and system for hotels around the world, enhancing customer and employee satisfaction by providing more sustainable IT services.

The Lotte Hotel, which operates a total of 32 hotels and resorts in Seoul, Jeju, New York, Moscow and Hanoi, both domestically and abroad (20 domestically and 12 abroad), is expanding with the opening of a new hotel in Seattle in September last year. Despite the coronavirus condition. Accordingly, the need for a consistent process and system to effectively manage the IT service of all hotel chains at home and abroad is growing.

IBM Korea explained that it has analyzed the IT services status of Lotte Hotels, identified over 140 service requirements based on them, and established standardized customized IT service policies and processes so that each requirement can be applied to Lotte hotel chains worldwide.

In line with this process, we have built an IT service management system based on the ITSM product of Service‌no, a company in the cloud-based digital workflow. In particular, using an active approach, it completed all stages of ITSM consulting, system construction, testing and employee training in a short period of 16 weeks.

Through this project, Lotte Hotel employees can easily apply for IT services via web or mobile in case of problems like check-in or card key issuance issues or when devices like PCs are required. It was always possible to check the status of the request processing.

In addition, he said, IT operators could more efficiently perform tasks such as computational work, permit requests and data requests, and clearly understand and make more transparent the status of IT equipment and assets such as PCs, servers and kiosks scattered throughout each hotel chain.

“IBM has for a long time gained experience and knowledge through industry through the IT outsourcing service business of leading domestic and foreign companies,” said Jung-Wook Zhang, Vice President, Global Technology Services at IBM Korea. We will do our part to lay the foundation for digital innovation. ”


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