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The laptop market in India has been growing steadily in recent times and many new players have made their presence felt. HP has been in the space for a long time, and its products range from the budget-friendly to the ones that will seriously hit your wallet. The HP Pavilion Plus 14 I’m reviewing here looks like your regular, everyday work companion and is reasonably priced. It packs in the latest 12th generation Intel CPU and is also backed with the right specs for college or office work. The Pavilion 14 Plus represents a class of laptops for casual work or college use, and let’s try it out in this review to see if this machine can become your daily companion.


Talking about the build quality, the HP Pavilion Plus 14 offers the same design features as the previous iterations of the device. It has a solid and sturdy chassis that has zero flex even when pressed hard while typing. The center of the lid features the HP branding and the device’s silver color scheme carries over to the entire exterior of the laptop. Having a 14-inch panel makes the laptop relatively portable, weighing just 1.4 kg. Aided by the fact that a simple USB Type-C smartphone adapter can power a laptop, the Pavilion 14 Plus slips easily into your backpack.

As for the port selection, the laptop offers enough I/O options for the user to play with. There are two USB Type-C slots can transfer speeds of up to 10GB/s and include DisplayPort and power delivery functionality. Apart from that you also get two USB 3.2 Type-A ports, an HDMI 2.1 slot, a microSD card reader and a 3.5mm headphone plus microphone jack combo. For wireless connectivity options, you get Wi-Fi 6E AX211 and Bluetooth 5.2 support.

In terms of display, the HP Pavilion Plus 14 has a 2.2K IPS LCD panel that, as the name suggests, measures 14-inches. The bezels around the screen are very slim thanks to the 16:10 aspect ratio, which provides an expanded viewing experience. The panel has an anti-glare coating that prevents obstruction from light sources shining directly behind you. However, it also masks the screen’s color profile when brightness levels are limited to 300nits. However, for basic use of this laptop, likely indoors, the display’s color reproduction, viewing angles and brightness served me well. The 5MP webcam is at the top and is considered pretty average in terms of visual output.

Keyboards on HP laptops have always offered a stellar typing experience, especially on its Specter and Pavilion lineup. It also handles the six-row, chiclet-style setup found in the Pavilion Plus 14. You get a satisfying ride on the keys with good response. The overall typing experience is quiet enough and I also like that the keys are not cramped. The keyboard is backlit for easy use in low light. As for the trackpad, it’s not exceptional. It has plenty of surface area, good latency, and the feedback from clicking buttons is tactile enough.

The Pavilion Plus 14 is powered by Intel’s 12th-generation i5 12500H chipset, which is the only variant available for purchase. Given its price, the laptop performs as expected. My daily workload isn’t very processor-intensive and usually involves operating a dozen Chrome tabs in several windows. I also use Microsoft’s suite of apps like Word and Excelon on a daily basis. Apart from that Spotify almost always runs in the background and in all these cases, the Pavilion Plus 14 never stutters or lags. You also get 16GB of DDR4 RAM and a 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD to compete.


I have some benchmark scores that show the HP Pavilion Plus 14 as a capable workhorse provided you don’t go overboard in terms of graphical usage. The integrated iris Xe graphics are of little help in anything other than light editing or gaming.

For audio, the Bang & Olufsen-tuned dual-speakers are good enough to stream some TV shows in a noise-free environment. Apart from that you also get biometric authentication via fingerprint sensor which is subtle at times and doesn’t work very well. Battery life on the laptop is rated for up to 11 hours via the 51Whr cell housed inside. Those claims seem a bit exaggerated, because in my use, I got up to five hours of use, which included watching some YouTube and Netflix, and writing this review. I expect most laptops in the segment to go at least seven to eight hours on a single charge. The Pavilion Plus 14’s battery can be charged via the 90W adapter provided inside the box, which can juice up a cell in less than two hours.


HP Pavilion Plus 14 is priced at Rs. 79,999, making it a worthy contender in the laptop space. In fact, there are devices like the Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G that undercut the Pavilion in terms of specs on paper. It also doesn’t help that I get less battery life on HP’s offering than most competing products offer. However, HP, as a household name in the PC market, offers some considerations such as a strong customer support system among other things. Combined with solid build quality, a good keyboard and a decent display, the Pavilion Plus 14 has the potential to become your everyday work companion.

Editor’s Rating: 3.5 / 5


  • Solid construction
  • easy
  • Decent performance
  • Good keyboard


  • Reduced by competition
  • A webcam would have been nice
  • Average battery life

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