How to delete a page in Word: Step-by-step guide


Delete page in Word: Get rid of unwanted / blank page from the middle of your word file or from the end of the document with these simple steps. Blank pages in an MS Word file can make you look a little more professional or give you a headache when taking printouts. If you are wondering how to delete a page (s) in Word, we’re here to protect you. The process of deleting a page in Microsoft Word is very simple and straightforward. Here’s how to do it.

How to delete a page in Word

Delete the page in Word using backspace / delete

This is a very easy way to delete a page in Word. Whether it is a blank page or a page with text, graphics or blank paragraphs, you can delete it from the doc file using the ‘Backspace’ button on the Windows PC / Laptop or ‘Delete’ on the Mac.

  • Select the entire page you want to delete with the cursor or Control + A / Command + A commands
  • Now, press the ‘Backspace / Delete’ buttons
  • An unwanted or blank page will be removed from the Word file in Microsoft Word

If the word file is too large and you do not know where the blank page is, you can get help from the ‘Navigation’ pane. You can do this by choosing See Tick ​​the box from the top menu and next to Navigation Pain Box in the ‘Show’ section. This will open a new column on the left side of the document in MS Word and show all the pages in your document. Scroll through it to find the blank page (s) in the word file.

Delete the page in Word using the Find and Reinstall tool

Additionally, you can delete an additional page in Word using the Find and Lace Restore tool. For that,

Delete a page on the word
  • Open the Word file in MS Word and click anywhere on the page you want to delete
  • Press ‘Ctrl + G’ on Windows or ‘Option + Command + G’ on Mac
  • The dialog box pops up, go to the ‘Go’ section and type Page In the ‘Enter page number’ box.
  • Press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard and then ‘Close’
  • Verify that this is the correct page (the last thing you want to remove the wrong page) and the content is selected
  • Then press ‘Delete’ / ‘Backspace’ on your keyboard

Delete the blank page in MS Word from the end

Microsoft Word creates a blank page at the end of a document that does not go away. Because the last page has a closing paragraph.

  • To remove this unwanted space and delete the page in Microsoft Word, hold on Ctrl + Shift + 8 In Windows or Command + 8 If you use a Mac to make paragraph markers visible.
  • Double-click on the icons and select the paragraph markers
  • Press the ‘Delete’ or ‘Backspace’ button to delete paragraph marks and blank page

How to Recover a Deleted Word Page

In case you accidentally deleted the correct word page, you can retrieve it using ‘Control + Z’ in Windows or ‘Command + Z’ in Mac. Provided, you did not close the word file.


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