How to copy text from image, remap keys, and use power run on Windows 10 and Windows 11 |


Windows 10 and 11 users can use Microsoft PowerToys to copy text from images or videos, remap keys, and find files and folders stored deep in the system. Second is the utility software/application, which is developed by Windows manufacturers for power users. You can get the app Certain system tasks are completed quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, Microsoft PowerToys does not come pre-installed on the laptop/PC. Read on to learn how you can install Microsoft PowerToys on your Windows 10 and 11 laptops and use it to copy text from images, remap keys, and perform power runs.

How to Install Microsoft PowerToys on Your Laptop/PC

  • go Microsoft Store
  • If not logged in with your Outlook ID, log in
  • Use the search icon to search for Microsoft PowerToys
  • Tap the Install button next to the app to download it on your device

The app is completely free and unlike other third-party apps or plugins, does not require an active internet connection. The Microsoft PowerToys app can do many things offline.

How to Copy Text from Images or Videos on Windows Laptop/PC

Once the Microsoft PowerToys app is installed on your laptop/PC, here’s how you can use it to extract text from images, articles and videos:

  • Open the ‘PowerToys’ application on your Windows PC
  • Select ‘Text Extractor’ from the left menu and turn it on if not by default. Next, note its activation shortcut keys. By default, the keys are ‘Windows + Shift + T’
    How to Extract Text from Image & Videos in Windows
  • Now go to any image or video that you want to extract and copy text from
  • Enter the shortcut keys (Windows + Shift + T) to trigger the text extraction function. After the screen dims you can go ahead and copy the desired text
  • Select the left mouse key and drag the cursor to the desired text you want to copy. Release the mouse key when done and the screen will return to its original state
    How to Extract Text from Image & Videos in Windows
  • The text you selected from the image or video is copied to the clipboard
  • Go ahead and paste it in your desired location like notepad, browser search bar, word file etc.
    How to Extract Text from Image & Videos in Windows

Remember that the text you want to copy from images or videos should be clearly legible, otherwise the application may not copy the text correctly word for word or may miss some letters in between.

How to Remap Keys on Windows Laptop/PC

Want to change how you perform certain actions or shortcuts on Windows 10 and 11 laptop/PC? Microsoft PowerToys’ ‘Keyboard Manager’ feature lets you remap any key or traditional shortcut to anything you like. Let’s go through the step-by-step process for this.

How to Start PowerToys Run on Windows Laptop

Consider PowerToys Run to be a universal search bar on steroids, thanks to its ability to find any file or folder buried deep in the system, or perform various tasks such as time zone or unit conversion in mere seconds. Since PowerToys Run is a feature of Microsoft PowerToys, here’s how to enable and use it on your Windows laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Microsoft PowerToys work on Windows 7 and Windows 8?

Unfortunately, Microsoft PowerToys does not work on Windows 7 and Windows 8 because Microsoft does not officially support it. OS requirements for installing MS PowerToys According to Microsoft These are as follows.

  • Windows 11 (all versions)
  • Windows 10 v2004 (19041) or newer

What are some other useful features of Microsoft PowerToys?

Here are some more nifty features of Microsoft PowerToys that you can use to enhance your Windows experience.

Feature name shortcut output
Color choice Windows + Shift + C It allows you to pick and choose a color from any screen or program
Always on top Windows + Ctrl + T This feature will pin the topmost app or software to prevent it from minimizing when clicked outside the window. Useful when you need to work on two different windows simultaneously
Video conference mute
  • Mute the webcam: Windows + Shift + O
  • Mute the mic: Windows + Shift + A
  • Mute both Camera & Mic: Windows + Shift + Q
This feature serves as a main function to mute the webcam and microphone regardless of the conferencing software or app you are using.


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