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2021 is the year the country enters the 5G era. It is not surprising that phone manufacturers are pushing the market in different price brackets with 5G-capable handsets by rapidly distributing chipsets that include integrated 5G modems from manufacturers such as MediaTek. As things stand, the market is filled with 5G-enabled phones that you can buy for the upcoming 5G boom. So, today, let’s take a look at nine 5G smartphones that offer the best hardware at the respective prices.

Realme Norjo 30 Pro 5G

Take a look at the spec-sheet of the Narzo 30 Pro 5G and you will find it hard to find a more compelling offering for the price. Not only is the smartphone ship with a 120 Hz screen, it can also be charged at 30W with a 5,000 mAh battery. Furthermore, the phone is powered by MediaTek Dimension 800U chipset, which offers fast performance as well as dual SIM 5G support. RealMe supports the device with a 48MP triple camera setup and Dolby Atmos and hi-res audio, all for just 17K (Rs. 16,999) for the asking price.

Realme X7 Pro

If you are in the market for a dent-free flagship-grade 5G phone in your wallet, then look no further than RealMe’s newest, X7 Pro, priced at just Rs 29,999. In addition to shipping the phone with a 6.55-inch Super AMOLED panel with a 120 Hz refresh rate, it also checks all the boxes in other compartments and comes with a 64MP quad-camera setup, 65W Super Dart Charge support for 4W mAh. Battery and dual stereo speakers. You should also note the smartphone’s 240Hz touch-sampling rate, which provides a more responsive experience while gaming than competing devices. In addition, the smartphone is powered by a 7nm, MediaTek Dimension 1000+ chipset. Dual-SIM, Dual-5G standby and WiFi 6 support, Will undoubtedly provide a future-proof handset along with top performance when 5G is accessible in the country. This smartphone is supported by MediaTek HyperEngine 2.0 technology, which offers a number of Nifty optimizations that enhance the user’s gaming experience.

Realme X7

RealMe is releasing phones on the left, right, and center, and RealMe X7 is the company’s latest mid-range competitor to receive 5G chops from the MediaTek Dimension 800U Soci. Consequently, you get great performance due to the X7’s advanced chipset, while the phone displays a shadow of competition with its beautiful 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display, which covers the entire front surface. Plus, photography ts enthusiasts enjoy click shots with its 64MP main camera. Not to forget, the handset comes with a 4,310mAh battery that supports 50W fast charging, allowing buyers to refuel their X7 in the blink of an eye. Despite all this, RealMe was still able to reduce the price of the phone to just Rs 19,999.

Moto G5G

The Moto G5G is best known for its large 6.7-inch HDR10 display. Priced at Rs 20,999, the handset also comes with a Bifi 5,000 mAh battery that can be quickly charged through the unit’s 20W charging brick. Like all Motorola phones, it offers a stock-based Android experience. Wrapping up the specs sheet is the phone’s processor and here, the Moto G5G uses the 5G-enabled Snapdragon 750G chipset, paired with 6GB of RAM.

OPPO F19 Pro + 5G

The OPPO F19 Pro + 5G is a new addition to this list. At just Rs 25,990, the handset AI Video brings to the table exclusive video focus features that are not limited to highlight portrait video, but also use smart algorithms to enhance lighting in nighttime videos and balance exposure in clips shot under harsh sunlight. . The OPPO F19 Pro + 5G also has a 50W flash charge so users can get up to 3.5 hours of video playback with just 5 minutes of top-up. In terms of performance, the smartphone uses the MediaTek Dimension 800U octa-core processor, which uses smart 5G features including dual 5G support and switches seamlessly between 4G and 5G networks for a smoother browsing experience.

OPPO Renault 5 Pro 5G

Buyers in the market for the 5G capable phone can also find the OPPO Renault 5 Pro 5G, which gives a sense of premium due to its sleek and lightweight frame. Priced at Rs 35,990, the handset features a 64MP quad-camera setup, complete with the company’s AI highlight video feature. On the front, the Renault 5 Pro 5G has a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED panel that is refreshed at 90 Hz, along with a 32MP selfie camera. In terms of battery, the handset carries a generous 4,350 mAh cell, which can be refueled faster than the unit support for the 65W Superwook 2.0 Tech. Needless to say this leaves no stone unturned with the OPPO Renault 5 Pro 5G and it shows, especially when you get power through the handset MediaTechExcellent, 5G-enabled Dimension 1000+ processor provides excellent performance.

OnePlus 8T

The OnePlus 8T was released in October last year, making it one of the most exciting features the OnePlus 8 series has to offer. To that note, the handset represents a number of firsts for the company and is the only phone to use 65W fast charging technology in OnePlus’ stables. What’s more, the smartphone impressed fans and critics alike with its 6.5-inch Fluid AMOLED display, which is refreshing at 120Hz. Coming to 5G, this smartphone gets 5G capabilities through Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 chipset, which has been proven time and again. Surprisingly, the OnePlus 8T is one of the most affordable flagships and the smartphone retails in India for Rs 42,999.

Samsung Galaxy S21

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is not priced for a heart attack, but, at Rs 69,999, the smartphone is enough to justify its superior price. For one, the handset is refreshed at 120Hz with one of its best displays in the form of its 6.2-inch, dynamic AMOLED panel. Highlighting the phone’s interiors is the company’s internal, 5nm Exynos 2100 chipset, which is 5G-ready for beginners. And, last but not least, the Samsung Galaxy S21 comes with an incredible camera setup with 30x space zoom, single take, 8K video snap and more.

Apple iPhone 12

Every year, Apple unveils a new line of iPhones that offer exceptional computing prowess, stunning cameras and stunning designs, and this year the iPhone 12 is no different. Let’s start with the cameras and here, the iPhone 12 has dual 12MP sensors on its back that provide wide and ultra-wide perspectives and capture photos with stunning detail. Additionally, this year iPhones will also be able to record videos in Dolby Vision, a feature that no other handset has yet emulated. Not to mention that the company’s fastest mobile chip, the latest addition to Apple’s lineup, still features the A14 in bionic form, along with a beautiful OLED display.

As you can see, there are some amazing 5G smartphones in different price categories, so you can choose your favorite option depending on your budget. Interestingly, most smartphones are retailing in the affordable and premium segment MediaTech Dimensionality Chipsets Volumes talk about the dominance of Taiwanese chipset manufacturers. The company is clearly striving to provide an excellent end-user experience for buyers Flagship-grade camera features, Supporting 5G or providing excellent performance without having to drill a hole in the wallet. Surprisingly, more and more smartphone OEMs are welcoming MediaTek’s chipsets with open arms. Let us know which smartphone you choose and why in the comments below.


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