Hank Real Time, a new type of messaging app for disappearing chats


Honk wants to get involved in real time messaging. Instant messaging? It’s a pass for Hank. The iPhone-only app was launched worldwide on Tuesday after testing Tuesday, giving the instant messaging experience. In Hank, as you type, your messages are shown to the other person until there is a typo, extra space, or a break to think about anything. There is no need to send a button because it is not needed. And you only have 160 characters (about the traditional SMS text message size) to express your thoughts. After you touch the limit, you can press the refresh button to start from scratch. As far as Ably is concerned, Hank has no chat history.

On the way, Hank Must be taking Google Docs’ Combining it with the concept of real-time collaboration and missing messages is the guide to this Snapchat And including almost everyone Facebook Including, in the suite of its applications WhatsApp And Messiah. Hank is different to most messaging tools, but it is still the opposite of all of them due to the network effect. In India it has the added barrier of not being on Android yet, where there are more smartphone users in the country.

At this point, you are probably wondering why it is called “Hank”. Well, because the app is literally a Hank A button that helps you get someone’s attention. The other person will be filled with notifications if they are outside the app or with an array of emojis if they are in the app. Yes, you can hit repeatedly Hank Button Like most Indian drivers do on the road – thanks for the lockdown, I realized how grateful I was at the hanks of all the cars I had saved. And since Hank is currently created, it lets people know the moment someone leaves the chat.

Hank has a bunch of customization features. You can change the color of the conversation bubbles (the first one shows the incoming messages, you type below). You can choose the emoji skin color you like, which will be reflected everywhere throughout Honk. And you can even assign some emojis to a word or phrase. Hank calls it “Magic Words”. Each time you type a word or phrase, the emoji you choose appears and floats next to the word. Emoji have their own section called “Reactions” in which tapping pre-selected emojis creates a similar effect of iMessage “Echo with Echo”. You can type a simple emoji using your keyboard. One thing Hank doesn’t see right now is the dark mode.

The app clearly targets age Z options, initially given age selection options. You can choose between the ages of 13 and 21, but everyone older than that is grouped in 21+. Hank has been raising the App Store charts since its launch; It is currently ranked # 11 in the US and # 15 in Canada. In India, it is very high at # 53 (all ranks belong to the social networking category). That growth of interest was not well managed with Hank Accepting In the early hours after the rollout it will be dealt with some issues, customers will be shown offline even if they are not.

Hank is available for free App Store Worldwide.

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