Guardians from Truecolor New Personal Security App: Features, How to Download

Popular Caller ID and Telephone Search Engine App, Truecolor Launches New Personal Security App Guardians. The app was developed by a dedicated team from Stockholm and India over the past 15 months. The Guardians app allows users to set their own “Guardians” from their contact list and choose when to stop / start the trip or set up a permanent partnership with the chosen guardians on the trip. The app also allows you to share a location for a specific trip. The app works quietly in the background, Truecolor said in a statement. This app aims to provide users with a safe trip and to know the whereabouts of caregivers.

Application properties of caregivers

If there is anything normal or emergency, users can press the emergency button to notify all of their caregivers about the location and situation. Emergency mode allows caregivers to follow your location exactly, reach your location, or send help. Notification will be sent to the nearest Community Guardian. However, Truecolor said that receiving help from the community is a personal choice. In normal mode, the app runs quietly in the background and shares an intermittent location while maintaining battery life. Soon the app will gain the ability to get help from local law enforcement.

Guardians app

The Guardian application requires three permissions: location, contacts to select and invite your personal guardians, and phone permission to show your guardians the status of your phone.

Caregivers: How to register and download the application

The signup process is very easy for caregivers. If you are a TrueColor user, you can sign in with a single tap, but if you do not, you can verify your phone number using a missed call or OTP. The company says Guardians will never share personal information with any third-party applications for commercial use, including Truecolor. Free to download from the Guardians app Google Play Store And the Apple App Store. In addition, all features are free to use and there are no ads or premium ranges, the company guarantees.


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