GTA fans create GTA 6 map based on recent leak |


While Rockstar and Take-Two are aggressively removing all leaked GTA 6 content, GTA fans are using creative ways to create a bare-bones version of the map. According to a report from my boxGTA fans on GTA Forums Images from Google Earth are used as an alternative to screenshots. Some players also use Microsoft Paint to create Hard fun Leaked GTA 6 footage. Fans have been trying to create a GTA 6 map since the leak, but previous contributions were put on hold after posts on the GTA forums were taken down because they used leaked screenshots.

However, recreating the GTA 6 map without any reference to leaked footage or screenshots is very difficult. So, some fans started using leaked footage on the Discord servers to recreate the map with a lot of useful data, including in-game coordinates that help players pinpoint where key locations are. The Church of GTA The Twitter handle shared a map created on Discord that includes some of the leaked locations and shows how far they are from each other. Apart from these, the map also shows some of the roads present in GTA 6.


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