GS ITM launches ‘Ustra ICS’ specialized solution for internal accounting management



GS ITM launches ‘Ustra ICS’ specialized solution for internal accounting management

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GS ITM announced on the 3rd that it would launch ‘U.STRA ICS’, an internal accounting management solution.

Eustra ICS is a SaaS-type internal accounting management system that focuses on improving the efficiency and flexibility of audit response tasks. The company explained that many companies are facing difficulties due to the disadvantages of existing internal accounting management solutions, for example మైన inefficient trace data management ▲ rigidity of control element management ▲ infrastructure cost burden system is obsolete.

First of all, Eustra ICS provides a powerful data linkage function to reduce the inefficiency of audit response tasks. The data interface linkage module is implemented by developing interface systems in the form of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Human Resource Management (HR) as well as plug-ins. It enables automation of population collection and extraction, enabling companies to quickly obtain reliable data, respond quickly to auditors’ needs and reduce the workload of audit responders.

The company claims that Eustra ICS’s strength lies in its ability to streamline regulatory aspects, as opposed to simple internal accounting management systems. It is equipped with a control item custom management function so that it can be used smoothly even without development knowledge. Therefore, even if the external auditor is changed, control operation management tasks can be performed without additional development.

Additionally, Eustra ICS is a cloud-based monthly subscription service that can be quickly introduced and used. Another advantage is that the initial cost burden is lower than when a company builds a system. No need to keep a server or database or operational staff.

In addition, through periodic updates, the system is constantly upgraded to reduce the burden on the maintenance and obsolete organization. Technical support from IT risk advisory services and consulting experts from accounting firms and GS ITM cloud experts are also provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

From 2023, all listed companies will be subject to an external audit of the internal accounting management system. GS ITM plans to aggressively target the market through Eustra ICS. Next year, it plans to develop and introduce a linked module for a unified internal accounting management system, in addition to the core functions and intuitive use that real users need.

GS ITM’s DoE (Digital Operational Excellence) Team Leader Jeong Hyuk-jin said, “As the internal accounting management system audit expands, companies face a double burden of both work and expense. We set ourselves up as an IT risk adviser.”


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