Google Pixel 3 will receive its latest software update in Q1 2022 |

The latest update to Google Pixel 3 is approaching

Launched in 2018, the Google Pixel 3 did not receive the November 2021 security patch released earlier this week. Official notification sent to 9to5Google Specifies that support for Google Pixel 3 devices will be removed in 2022 Q1 after the final update. This latest update is set to include Android 12 bug fixes and the final security patch. Chromecast does not have volume controls for some legal issues, as Google stated in the current Android 12 build.

Also read: Android 12L is an OS developed by Google for foldable, tablet and ChromeOS devices

Android 12L, as mentioned above, is a new OS developed by Google to run on large screen devices such as tablets, foldables and other ChromeOS devices. This new OS will be available in 2022 according to Google and will facilitate the next wave of Android 12 based tablets and foldables. Developer preview of the update for emulator-based use is over Lenovo P12 Pro Tablet Receiving soon.

Support will be extracted from the 2022 Google Pixel 3 post Q1 and the device will not receive further upgrades, indicating that this is a good time to upgrade.

Google Pixel 3A XL Video


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