Google announces Android 13 (Go Edition) for entry-level smartphones: features, availability


Android 13 (Go Edition) adds Discover, a personalized panel with stories and other content that can be accessed by swiping right from the home screen. It looks like Google is optimizing its premium features for the Go edition so that they run smoothly.

Android 13 (Go Edition) Features

Android 13 (Go Edition) is the follow-up to Android 12 (Go Edition) and brings some important features to the table. The most important addition to this release is the Google Play software updates. This ensures that customers receive critical software updates outside of major Android releases. It streamlines critical updates without affecting device storage.

Android 13 Go Edition

The update also adds ‘Material U’ to Android Go for the first time. It allows you to match your phone’s color palette to your wallpaper. Four color schemes appear when you set your background. Additionally, there are features like notification permission, app language preferences and more.

Android 13 (Go Edition) available

Android 13 (Go Edition) will be available in 2023. Google said it added nearly 180 million Go users in the past twelve months. There are over 250 million monthly active devices powered by Android Go.


Source by [91 Mobiles]

Written By [Baji Infotech]