“Go back to Great Intel” గ Pat Galsinger unveils Intel’s manufacturing strategy


Pat Gelsinger, Intel’s new CEO, unveiled his vision for the “return of Intel’s greatness” on the 23rd. In addition to the upcoming Meteorite Lake chip, it contains information on Intel’s manufacturing strategy ‘IDM 2.0’ for chip development.

Intel Unleashed: The main theme of IDM 2.0, unveiled at a video briefing on Designing the Future, is related to fab or chip manufacturing. Two new fabs will be built in Arizona to respond to global semiconductor supply problems. Intel will set up an ‘Intel Foundry Services’ business to sell fab-made chips. In addition, the process of creating a culture that converts to other chip foundries to produce products that they cannot make themselves was also revealed. Gelsinger aims to make most of its chips available for internal production, but makes it clear that he will approach other foundry partners if necessary.

Gelsinger also mentioned chip manufacturing technology. According to him, Intel plans to officially release Meteor in 2023 under the name 7nm Processor Design Code, and for this purpose, it plans to implement compute tile design for the processor in the second quarter of this year. “Intel is back. The old Intel became the new Intel that sees the future. We are very excited about what we are planning. ”

Zelsinger, a former spokesman for the Intel Developer Forum (IDF), emphasized the need to revive the “spirit” of the IDF through an event called “Intel On”. Intel plans to hold an Intel Innovation Event in San Francisco in October to replace the IDF.

Gelsinger has been closely involved in the development of USB and Wi-Fi during his 30-year tenure at Intel. He referred to what he had learned when he was hired as the new CEO from past Intel masters such as Gordon Moore and Robert Noise, who suggested emphasizing his return to technology-centric Intel. Unlike other companies, this has been interpreted as a comment that takes into account Intel’s mobility, which is slow in the 14nm process.

On the 23rd, Gelsinger noted that limiting Xtreme Ultraviolet Lithography to design the 7nm process delayed the Intel manufacturing roadmap, which made manufacturing more complicated. The 7nm Motor Lake chip, which will be released in 2023, will feature the new “progress” x86 architecture and multiple production technologies, all integrated into a single package. In addition, Alder Lake, a next-generation modular CPU, transports models to customers.

New fab and foundry services
The two fabs that Intel wants to build are the first steps in the company’s vision of IDM 2.0. This is in addition to the existing Okotillo facility in Chandler‌, Arizona. Intel will build it on an advanced node, which means the company’s advanced processor technology, without revealing details about it. According to Intel sources, the facility will come into effect in 2024.

Intel Fab 42

Little is known about Intel’s chip outsourcing. It is not yet known how much of Intel’s productivity will be allocated to outsourcing, or when it will launch our outsourcing business. The problem of semiconductor shortage is exacerbated in the current industry. It is said that Samsung does not have enough Qualcomm processorsOf course, automobile companies like Honda and Volkswagen are also affected.

The number of chips manufactured by Intel is expected to vary through the new Intel Foundry service. It provides design services for ARM-based chips as well as open source RISC-V architecture chips. Intel said it could also offer its x86 cores to customers, but it is not yet clear which cores to use under what circumstances.

Meanwhile, the costs associated with the Gelsinger plan are very low. Intel says its IDM 2.0 manufacturing plan will cost $ 20 billion, resulting in 3,000 high-tech jobs and thousands of additional jobs in the surrounding ecosystem.

On the 23rd, Zelsinger focused on solving the problems facing Intel and the industry in the message. Intel said there will be opportunities to discuss chips and designs in the future. ciokr@idg.co.kr


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