Geo acquires 4G spectrum worth Rs 57,122 crore, beating Airtel and Vodafone by a wide margin


Reliance Jio bought Airwaves worth Rs 57,122 crore in a new round of telecom spectrum bidding on Tuesday. Airtel was able to get only Rs 18,698 crore worth of 4G spectrum, while Vodafone Ideal bought it worth Rs 1,933 crore. Claimed to have produced over TRAI 77,815 crore from the auction to Rs. This is slightly better than the previous auction in October 2016, in which bandwidth worth Rs 65,789 was sold. Bids will be considered by a special committee and companies will have to pay Rs 19,000-20,000 crore in advance by the end of the financial year. Following the recently concluded spectrum auction, Geo will become Air Waves’ largest buyer.

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Image from Business Standard
Image from Business Standard

Business Standard Reports Reliance Jio was able to sell 488MHz in the 855.6MHz spectrum. A good chunk of Reliance Jio’s cost is focused on the highly respected 800MHz band. Airtel, on the other hand, has focused its efforts on the 2300MHz band. Both companies said they plan to fill the spectrum gaps to prepare their infrastructure for the gradual growth of customers receiving 4G services. A total of 855.60MHz was sold at auction from the available 2,308MHz. However, the 2500MHz and 700MHz bands did not take them due to the high prices.

Keep in mind that the above spectrum is for 4G only. The Government of India will hold an auction of 5G spectrum in the next six months. Furthermore, it is not conducted on a pan-India basis. It is assigned 3,300-3,600MHz bands for 5G rollout in ‘selected areas’. The 700MHz band also supports 5G, so it is likely to be sold at the next round of auction.


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