GB WhatsApp: What is it and you can do it on Android Phone and iPhone


WhatsApp has been hugely popular with Grows to many third-party clone applications It is intended to add missing features such as syncing chats on platforms. Lately, GB has been making rounds of the internet with a new fork called WhatsApp. WhatsApp will avoid the ‘ban’ Threatened to get out For users who do not agree with its controversial privacy policy. However, it should be noted that the WhatsApp privacy policy still exists Competing on the court And the venue did not ban anyone. A cursory look at the GBWhatsApp website is enough to tell us that its developers are no good.

Some of the ‘features’ listed above are incorrect. WhatsApp already allows you to hide what you last saw through the toggle in Settings. Although the options are very limited, it allows you to change your theme. Everything else is a small QoL improvement, but most users do not use it in everyday use. However, one of the great claims made by the developer is the following:

Apparently, you can ‘sideload’ GB WhatsApp into your iPhone by ‘downloading’ the installer file. This is almost impossible because Apple users do not use sideload applications for the iPhone. This alone should set alarm bells in the minds of consumers.

Therefore, we recommend that you stay away from GB WhatsApp or similar third-party clones that are intended to ‘add’ or ‘enhance’ existing WhatsApp features. By default, WhatsApp encrypts all messages end-to-end, ensuring that no one but you and the recipient can read it. With these bootlegged versions you risk losing that power and your personal information being harvested by naive third parties.

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