Free Fire Rank Season 22: The Best Gun Combination to Increase Rank in Free Fire |


Free Fire, a popular online battle royal game, comes with an extensive ranking system that allows players to demonstrate their reliability in the game and their ability to perform on the battlefield. The highest rank in Free Fire ఫై is called Grandmaster and it is the most prestigious rank in the game. The game is known for resetting player rankings and achievements with each new season, including the recently released Free Fire Rank Season 22. The highest-ranked player falls to the Tier 1 or Tier 2 rank. If you are looking for some tips to improve your rank in the game, you may have landed on the right page as we have discussed the whole gun combinations which will definitely help you to push your rank in Free Fire Rank Season 22.

The best gun combination to push the rank in Free Fire


The first on the list is my personal favorite and these two weapons can be collected from the airdrop, which is equivalent to painting a target on you. For this combination, I can take any risk, but I recommend you to follow the airdrop, make a surprise attack, eliminate opponents, and then go for the drop. AUG is one of the best ARs overall and hence it comes in the airdrop. However, the weapon lacks precision and can often miss targets in long and mid-range targets.

That’s why we clubbed it with AWM because it was a deadly sniper and an accurate head shot enough to knock down an enemy. The combination is amazing but you have to practice a lot to learn both weapons.

Scar and M14

I mean if you know the combination of the two AR Scar and M14 will be a feast for you. AR weapons are one of the most customizable weapons that can be used for long, shot, and mid-range combat. This is one of the highest damage rates of the Spot 77 and the fastest free firearm. One round fire is enough to knock down enemies. You can club with a 2x or 4x scope to get the best out of it.

The M14 is one of the slowest ARs in the game, but as I mentioned above the ARs can do almost everything you can use as a sniper by switching the fire mode from auto to single. With this, your effect of fire will remain the same and you can start longer shorts without falling too far back.

M249 Clubbed with MP40

M249 and MP40 are LMG and SMG, respectively. The M249 is one of the best weapons when taking a shot from a long range, offering good damage in the long-range and impressive damage in the mid range. Some say the M249 is for close combat, but if you take your sensitive settings correctly, it is best to knock down enemies while firing 100 bullets in a mag‌.

The smaller Mp40 is recommended because it is one of the most consistent SMGs among others and the firing speed is admirable. When closing the fight you can control the repositioning and take precise aiming. This is a deadly combination of two weapons and it will help you in pushing the rank very easily. Hope your enemies do not use the same combination.

MAG-7 and paraffin

Next on the list are the MAG-7 and paraffin, yes a small gun, which is a very weak gun, and AR. Despite the low damage, the MAG-7 is one of the most accurate firearms in Free Fire. You can knock down your opponents in one or two shots but use it wisely as it is recommended for close-range battles.

Parsifal AR, on the other hand, takes care of long-distance combat, has a 69 damage rate, and becomes one of the best combinations with MAG-7. All you have to do is collect some red dots or take some accurate distance shots.

All the combinations we mentioned above have been tested by us and it has to be said that it really works. However, I recommend that you work on your skills, strategies, and gameplay style to achieve some good ranks in the game. Sometimes good weapons are not enough to win a match.

Re Written By [Baji Infotech]