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Another Four Shots Please Season 3 was released on Amazon Prime Video. If you have watched all 10 episodes of the new season, below is the list of shows you can watch online on streaming platforms Netflix, Disney Plus HotstarAnd Main video. The shows have similar themes and explore the idea of ​​sexual liberation, especially for women, while also addressing the perception of sexuality. In fact, Sex and the City may have sparked the trend in the 2000s, and many shows have since followed suit in various ways. So if you enjoyed Four More Shots and want to check out other series that explore the same themes, here’s the list:

Four more shots please as shows: titles and IMDb rating

Title IMDb rating
Lust stories 6.4/10
Made in Heaven 8.3/10
she 6.4/10
Masaba Masaba 6.7/10
Ek Thi Begum 8.7/10
Bombay Begums 5.2/10
Sex and the City 7.3/10
Sex education 8.4/10
Orange is the New Black 8.1/10
Never have I ever 7.9/10

1. Lust Stories

Netflix’s compilation in 2018 has many delightful short films directed by famous filmmakers. Anurag Kashyap’s film starring Radhika Apte sees a woman explore sexual relationships outside her stagnant marriage while finding herself and what she really wants. Zoya Akhtar’s powerfully nuanced film, starring Bhumi Pednekar and Neil Bhupalam, looks at the passionate and sexual relationship between a man and his housemaid, carefully hidden from everyone’s view. Dibakar Banerjee’s short film sees Manisha Koirala carrying on an extramarital affair with Jaideep Ahlawat while her husband Sanjay Kapoor struggles to put the pieces together. Karan Johar’s film stars Kiara Advani, a newly wed, who is unhappy with her sex life but cheerful in her husband Vicky Kaushal’s role. The story sees her searching for ways to achieve her sexual liberation.

Where to see

Lust Stories is streaming on Netflix.

2. Made in Heaven

Made in Heaven unravels all the drama and chaos behind rich Indian weddings. The series focuses on Tara Khanna (Shobhita Dhulipala) and Karan (Arjun Mathur), two wedding planners who have to face many obstacles in their career, including snide rich people and corrupt politicians, along with age-old traditions. Their personal life is no cakewalk either. The show also stars Jim Sarb and Kalki Koechlin and will also see cameos from Deepti Naval and Shweta Tripathi.

Where to see

Made in Heaven is streaming on Amazon Prime.

3. She

Her is a thriller drama that follows the story of a female constable who has to go undercover to bust an underworld gang. The main idea of ​​the series is to portray the idea that a woman’s body works well to control her surroundings. Aditi Pohankar and Vijay Varma played the lead roles in this show.

Where to see

She is streaming on Netflix.

4. Masaba Masaba

Masaba Masaba is a partially fictionalized-biographical version of the life of legendary designer Masaba Gupta, also starring her mother – actress Neena Gupta. The show sees her struggle with the pressures of her profession while dealing with her own relationships. The show also stars Neil Bhupalam, Pooja Bedi and Ritasha Rathore.

Where to see

Masaba Masaba is streaming on Netflix.

5. Ek Thi Begum

Inspired by true events, Ek Thi Begum tells the story of a beautiful woman named Sapna, played by Anuja Sathe. In an ugly conflict with underworld don Maqsood, her husband is killed and she vows to destroy his empire, using her beauty, sensuality and wit as weapons.

Where to see

Ek Thi Begum airs on MX Player.

6. Bombay Begums

Bombay Begums tells the story of five women, across generations and how they struggle with society’s expectations, desires and ambitions and vulnerabilities. The show stars Pooja Bhatt, Shahana Goswami, Amrita Subhash and Plabitha Borthakur.

Where to see

Bombay Begums is streaming on Netflix.

7. Sex and the City

An old favorite that has inspired countless television shows today, including Four More Shots Please, Sex and the City, is almost a cult classic. The show is about the sexual escapades of four women in their 30s and 40s. Despite constant ups and downs in their sex life, they always turn sorrow into gold after trusting each other. The show stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon.

Where to see

Sex and the City airs on Disney Plus Hotstar.

8. Sex Education

A British comedy, Sex Education follows the lives and adventures of students at a high school as they try to navigate the personal dilemmas associated with sexual intimacy. The show also stars Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson and Nkuti Gatwa among others.

Where to see

Sex Education is streaming on Netflix.

9. Orange is the new black

Orange Is the New Black is a comedy that focuses on a woman’s experiences in a federal prison. The show is Netflix’s most-watched and longest-running series, as it ran for seven seasons and received widespread acclaim and Golden Globe nominations.

Where to see

Orange Is the New Black is streaming on Netflix.

10. Never Have I Ever

Mindy Kaling’s Never Have I Ever takes viewers back to high school, but from the perspective of an Indian teenager, struggling with her raging adult-ing issues alongside her desi mom. Devi Vishwakumar (Maitrei Ramakrishnan) is a young spirited youth who wants what everyone else has—a hot boyfriend and a respectable reputation at school. She has none, and the series follows her discovery to realize that she might not even want to. Three seasons of the show have already released, with the fourth season coming soon.

Where to see

Never Have I Ever is streaming on Netflix.


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