Forget Tata Tiago EV, this is the most affordable electric car in India


PMV EaS-E Price in India Rs. 4.79 lakh (ex-showroom), making it the most affordable electric car in the segment. Less expensive than Tata Tiago EV. Interested consumers can purchase from PMV Electric for just Rs. 2,000 to pre-book the electric car. Website. The automaker said it has already received around 6,000 pre-orders for the PMV EaS-E.

PMV EaS-E Electric Car Features

E ft Free Mode

EaS-E’s “E Feet Free Mode” is said to be its most interesting and unique feature. It has steering-mounted controls for shifting at speeds up to 20 kmph so your feet never leave the brake and accelerator pedals, a creep function for moving ahead in slow-moving traffic unlike regular EVs and automatic automobiles. .

More doors, fewer seats

When it comes to the number of seats and doors, the PMV EV story has a twist. There are some small or compact electric vehicles with a two-door design and four-seat configuration, but the EaS-E only has four doors and two seats. Also, its steering wheel is placed in the middle of the center console. Furthermore, the center console houses the steering wheel.

Remote for locking/unlocking

EV Rs. Despite being an entry-level product priced under 5 lakh, the automaker has packed it with several interesting technologies. The PMV EaS-E has remote features or telematics for the ability to turn on and off the doors, windows, AC and headlights.

Remote parking assistance

Noteworthy at this pricing point is Remote Park Assist. At this price, this is the only vehicle in India that offers this facility. Remote parking helps EaS-E, which is operated through the EV’s app on a smartphone, park or move the vehicle out of tight spaces by moving forward or backward in a straight line, as seen in premium cars.

Some familiar parts

The EaS-E has various design elements similar to some vehicles made by others. For example, the PMV EV’s steering wheel and steering-mounted controls are similar to those of the third-generation Honda City and Jazz, respectively. The flap-style AC vents and the housings for the ORVM (outside rearview mirror) also seem to have been influenced by Maruti vehicles like the Wagon R and Swift.

PMV Eas-E EV Specifications

PMV did not disclose the Eas-E’s battery capacity, though the company noted that the microcar has a 48V lithium-iron-phosphate battery. The onboard charger, according to PMV, can charge the Eas-E in under four hours using a 15A outlet.

By mid-2023, PMV hopes to start shipping the Eas-E, which will be produced at the company’s Pune facility. A 3-year/50,000-km warranty is also included with the vehicle.


Source by [91 Mobiles]

Written By [Baji Infotech]