Foldable iPhone with 8-inch screen and punch-hole iPhone launched in 2023: Ming-Chi Kuo


Our favorite and most accurate analyst Ming-chi Kuo made some assumptions The future Apple Products. According to his latest note, he expects Apple to release a foldable iPhone with an 8-inch display in 2023. Other than that, the high-end iPhone model of 2023 will have a notch-less, all-screen display. There may also be the successor to the iPhone 11, which costs less than $ 600 and supports 5G networks. He also speaks IPhone SE 3, According to him, will be announced in 2022 with 5G connectivity and faster chipset.

Foldable iPhone, Notch-less iPhone – 2023

According to Cuo, Apple could announce an 8-inch foldable iPhone by 2023 if it can solve some of the massive production and technology issues with foldable screens. This is not the first time we have heard of an iPhone with a foldable screen. There are Rumors This indicates that Apple will launch such a device early next year and that it has already started work on the project. We do not know what design this foldable iPhone will use, and if Apple decides to go ahead with it.

Another guess from Kuo is the all-screen, no-stripe iPhone. He believes such a device could be launched in 2023, but only if development progresses smoothly. However, it may be 2023 when Apple launches this iPhone with a punch-hole display. This high-end iPhone in the 2023 lineup also comes with an under display Touch ID and a periscope camera. Apple is likely to use a punch-hole display with the iPhone 13 Pro successor in 2022.

IPhone 11 re-installation, iPhone SE 3 – 2022

Also, if Apple discontinues the iPhone 11 in 2022, it will release a new model in 2023 for less than $ 600. It is similar to the iPhone 11, but offers 5G connectivity.

Finally, the successor to the iPhone SE 3, the small affordable iPhone may happen next year. According to Cuo, Apple will not launch the new iPhone SE this year; Instead, the company will release the rumored iPhone SE Plus in 2021. The iPhone SE 3 is expected to come out next year similar to the current SE model, but with a faster processor and 5G support.


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