FAUG Multiplayer Mode Team Deathmatch launches soon: n Core Games


The company announced on Twitter that FAUG multiplayer mode is on the way. FAUG multiplayer mode is called Team Deathmatch and it is a 5 vs 5 mode that allows up to 10 people to play with each other. With five players on each team, this is the first time customers have played against each other in the game. Core Games, the studio behind FAUG, has previously announced that it will launch multiplayer mode, but there are no indications that an official announcement will be made within a month of the game launching.

The FAUG app already lists Team Deathmatch multiplayer mode in its menu, but it is not currently available to players. The online multiplayer mode helps the app to fill the gap left by the ban on PUBG in India considering the immense popularity of the Battle Royale game. For now, FAUG only has a promotional mode – which our team can complete in less than 30 minutes – which can be a little frustrating after a while.

In addition to Team Deathmatch multiplayer mode, in the future FAUG will also have combat royal mode.


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