FAUG game is now available on iOS: downloadable, compatible devices and more


FAUG (Fearless and United Guards) is now available for iOS users in India. Exactly two months after its release for Android, game developers Encore Games have announced that the action game is finally in the Apple App Store. Calling back, FAUG was launched on January 26 in India For Android devices. The game is only available for download from the Google Play Store. Now, iPhone and iPad users can download the game through the Apple App Store. We’ll take a quick look at how you can download FAUG on iOS and compatible iOS devices.

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FAUG game download on iOS

You can download and install the FAUG game on your iOS device through the Apple App Store. You can click on it Link This will take you to the Apple App Store. Under the application privacy section, it is stated that the game only tracks your usage data. Other data you may be connected to include purchases, consumer content, contact information, identifiers and diagnostics.

FAUG Game Compatibility

The FAUG game application is approximately 643 MB in size. The game is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices running iOS 10.0 or later. The game is free to download, you can make in-app purchases for digital coins. For example, 30 coins cost 89 rupees and 4800 coins will cost you 3,599 rupees.


FAUG is made in India, which you will see playing as “FAU-G Commando on Patrolling Dangerous Border Territory”. The action game comes with a campaign mode based on real life events in the Galvan Valley controversy. Currently, FAUG offers single player mode, but nCore games have revealed it The multiplayer mode Team Deathmatch will be launched soon.

The core guarantees that several major upgrades will begin in the future, including Battle Royale mode. The action in Galvan Valley mainly involves the use of fists and melee weapons.


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