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Fast tag: Vehicles without fast tags have to pay double tax at toll plazas. Electronic toll collection chip for national highways has been made mandatory for everyone in India. It is said to eliminate long queues and traffic snorls at the toll plaza with fast and easy payments via fast tag. When a car or any other vehicle installed with FastAyag crosses the national highway, the toll amount (if any, if any) is automatically deducted from the linked bank account or prepaid wallet. You do not have to pay cash on toll. Read on to know how to buy fast tag in India, check balance and how fast tag recharge is available

How to get a fast tag

You can buy fast tag at leading banks in India including SBI, HDFC, ICICI and many more. You can apply for a fast tag through Paytm and Airtel Payments Bank, Points of Sale Locations and Road Transport Authority offices. The government is expanding fast tag sales through dealers, agents, fuel stations, malls and more. Although fastags are bank neutral, it is recommended that customers obtain an electronic toll collection chip from the bank that holds their account for hassle-free payment. A fast tag once activated from one bank cannot be used with another bank account.

Fast Tag Bank List

  • SBI
  • HDFC
  • Axis Bank
  • IDFC Bank
  • Karur Vyasa Bank
  • EQUITAS Small Finance Bank
  • Paytm Payments Bank Limited
  • Bank transfer box
  • Syndicate Bank
  • Federal Bank
  • South Indian Bank
  • Punjab National Bank
  • Punjab & Maharashtra Co-op Bank
  • Saraswat Bank
  • Fino Payments Bank
  • Citi Union Bank
  • Bank of Baroda
  • Indus Bank
  • Yes Bank
  • Union Bank
  • Nagpur Urban Cooperative Bank Limited

You can apply offline for any other bank’s SBI Fast Tag, HDFC Fast Tag, ICICI Fast Tag or Fast Tag through their websites or by visiting the branch. Banks will ask for a copy of your KYC (Know Your Customer) documentation and your vehicle’s Certificate of Registration (RC). You can activate FastTag from the MyFast Tag app, which is available for download on Android mobile phones and iPhones via the Google Play Store and App Store, respectively.

Fast tag installation is very easy. Carefully remove the adhesive layer and paste it anywhere on your car windscreen.

How To Recharge Fast Tag Online Online

Fast tag linked to savings account does not require recharge. The amount will be automatically deducted from the account once the balance exceeds the pre-defined limit. After the car crosses the toll plaza, the owner will receive an SMS alert when the amount is deducted.

However, you will need to recharge the fast tag if it is linked to a prepaid account such as a wallet or credit card. This can be done by check or through various channels like payment through UPI / Debit Card / Credit Card / NEFT / Net Banking. Fast tag recharge is probably much easier through UPI apps like Paytm and Google Pay. Log in to these apps and look for the fast tag. Now, select the issuing bank -> Enter your vehicle number / vehicle registration number -> Continue to enter the recharge amount -> Complete the payment.

How to check fasttalk balance online / offline

Fastag balance can be checked online through the MyFast Tag app. For that, you need to be a prepaid fastag customer and register your mobile number in the prepaid wallet of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI). You can also check the balance by giving a missed call to the toll free number: + 91-8884333331.

Users who link their fast tag with prepaid wallets like Paytm can check the balance through wallet apps. Paytm users can go to the app balance and history section of the app to check the fast tag balance. In addition, banks have a special page on their website / app to check the balance.

SBI Fast Tag Balance Check

Balance can be checked by SBI Fast Tag Clients Webpage. Login with your details. This will take you to a page with your account details and fast tag balance.

HDFC Fast Tag Balance Check

If you have an HDFC fast tag, open it In your web browser‌ and select ‘Account Type’. Now, log in with your fast tag account details to check the balance.

ICICI Fast Tag Balance Check

ICICI Bank customers can login with their details on this page: To check their fast tag balance.

Other banks such as Axis and Federal also allow customers to check fast tag balance online using similar procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check fast tag status

FastTag has a dedicated portal:, You can check its status. Open the link in your browser and enter your Vehicle Registration Number or NETC FastYog ID, followed by the captcha code. Now, press ‘Check Status’. The FastTalk portal will let you know if the chip is active. To request for the NETC Fast Tag, the portal can also be used for approved tag suppliers, guidelines and other details.

What is a fast tag customer care number?

Each fast tag issuer has its own unique contact number. Click Here, To find out the customer care number of your fast tag. You can also dial For more details call 1800-102-6480.

How to apply for a refund for a wrong fast tag transaction

The fast tag management system automatically detects the wrong fast tag transaction and Refund within 3-7 days. If you have not yet received a refund, contact your customer care number.


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