[Exclusive] Acer to enter TV market in India with launch of Smart TV series

Acer has been in the Indian market for a long time. It is a well known brand in the country when it comes to PCs, laptops, monitors and other computing related products. Well, Acer may also launch smart TVs in India soon. Acer plans to launch a wide range of smart TVs in the Indian market in various price segments, according to sources close to the industry. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, we believe that Acer can launch smart TVs between 32 inches and 55 inches.


The Acer Smart TV series may launch in India before Diwali

According to our sources, the Acer Smart TV series will be launched in the Indian market before Diwali. So, we are expecting the launch date of Acer Smart TV to be somewhere in August. Unfortunately, our sources have no information regarding Acer Smart TV specifications.

Yasser is not very popular when it comes to TVs. The brand has launched a few television sets worldwide, but those TVs are not very popular or competitive. So, it’s hard to imagine what features the Acer Smart TV range will offer. That said, Acer is known for offering affordable products. So, we can expect the price of Acer Smart TV in India to be similar to the entry level TVs of Xiaomi, Redmi, Realme and other brands.

India is a huge market for TVs and most TV manufacturing brands around the world want a piece of cake. Brands like Nokia and Motorola, which are unknown to TVs around the world, have also launched smart TVs in India. Considering that Acer already exists a Great experience with monitors, It only makes sense for the brand to try its hand at TVs in the country. Let’s hope we know more details about the Acer Smart TV range as the launch approaches.


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