Excitel 300Mbps monthly broadband plan launched at Rs 167


Customers can activate the plan by visiting the exciting Exitel website and filling customer details or contacting the nearest regional partner. As mentioned, this is a one-time introductory offer and is applicable for new connections only.

Excitel 300Mbps Broadband Plan Details

Excitel Mumbai Plan

The Rs.167 plan from Excitel offers a maximum data speed of 300Mbps and is only available to new customers as part of Excitel’s initiative to onboard new users. After the subscription period, users need to maintain broadband connection With current tariffs offered by the company. Here are the existing tariff plans from Excitel:





3 months

Rs. 592

Rs. 667

Rs. 833

6 months

Rs. 522

Rs. 635

Rs. 699

9 months

Rs. 470

Rs. 565

Rs. 659

12 months

Rs. 424

Rs. 530

Rs. 599

Telecom talk Reports Customers can pay Rs. 167 will have to purchase a 300Mbps plan, so a total of Rs. comes to 501. With taxes, the price is slightly higher. No additional installation charges. However, for ONU device Rs. 2000 refundable one-time security deposit.

Furthermore, customers can expect to pay Rs. A 300Mbps plan can be bundled with OTT benefits at a nominal charge of 100 + GST. This is applicable for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months plans. There is also an OTT premium plan that can be bundled with the 300Mbps plan but it costs Rs. 166 + GST. Rs per month As the 300Mbps speed with 167 is a promotional plan, the company can withdraw it anytime.

Excitel launched Mumbai earlier this year with 200Mbps, 300Mbps and 400Mbps plans for Rs. 424 (for 12-month pack) starts. The company said that since then it has been actively working towards offering different data plans tailored to different customer needs. The company has also expanded its high-speed internet plans as well as value-based services.

Vivek Raina, CEO & Co-Founder, Excitel said, “The youth today are looking for uninterrupted and unbound internet experiences and our new plan aims to make them the same. The new onboarding plan is Excitel’s attempt to offer high-speed FTTH service to customers who have been turned away so far due to high onboarding costs. With every expansion and plan, we are moving towards our bigger goal of ensuring high-speed fiber broadband connection in every region of the country.


Source by [91 Mobiles]

Written By [Baji Infotech]