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It’s a great deal to introduce newcomers to OPPO’s F-Series! The company launched the experiment with an iconic demonstration of electrification by Kusha Kapila and Kings United. The performance is wonderfully tied to the new products on offer, especially the sophisticated one OPPO F19 Pro + 5G That, Now, is on the radar every millennium. In fact, the F-Series has always been the epitome of the company’s commitment to delivering stylish phones with flagship-grade specifications at incredible competitive prices. Priced at INR 25,990 and available throughout Mainline Retailers & Amazon, the OPPO F19 Pro + 5G offers far more valuable features. AI Highlight Portrait Video Quadcom One of the most attractive features is that it takes overnight videography to a whole new level. Let’s see in detail what it is OPPO F19 Pro + 5G Brings to the table.

Beautiful videos with AI highlight portrait video

The OPPO F19 Pro + 5G features a 48 MP quad cam that focuses on capturing the best videos, especially in low light. To do so, the smartphone makes its AI highlight portrait video quad com feature with two main utilities: Ultra Night Video and HDR Video. Accordingly, when you are shooting at night with less light than is ideal for working with a camera, Ultra Night Video applies its unique algorithms and dramatically improves the quality of your videos. Through some software wizardry, the handset increases the brightness of videos at night by 26 percent, while saturation levels by 35 percent. This is perfect for videos of the sun setting in the frame behind you, or when your pets are running under the stars or you want to take videos of yourself at a party inside the house. The resulting videos dazzle viewers with colors and you will be amazed at how beautiful they are even when shot in pitch darkness.

On the other hand, sometimes users shoot videos in very well lit conditions, with the sun shining brightly during the day. That’s where the HDR video feature comes into play – it is specifically intended to enhance videos shot under harsh sunlight. Under such conditions, natural light emitted from the sun usually spoils the videos by sending exposure levels as a TG. To deal with it, the HDR video feature strikes an ideal balance between shadows and highlights to provide well-exposed video. So, whether you are shooting videos on your favorite local hangouts or on a beach trip while the sun is shining on you, amazing saturation levels are guaranteed, giving you amazing clips ready to post on social media!

The OPPO F19 Pro + 5G is not called a video expert because of the AI ​​highlighted portrait video, but because of the host of videography features. The One-Piece Quadcom comes with many other Nifty features that will make your friends and family jealous. Take, for example, its focus lock technology so that any moving object can be tracked smoothly as the focus on this item is locked. This is very useful for shooting your weekend cricket or football match as there are a lot of moving things in the frame.

Then, there is the dual-view video, which allows you to capture both perspectives simultaneously by recording the footage with the rear and front camera. Dual-view video is a godsend for vloggers, as it reduces the need to turn their cameras back and forth during their recording sessions. Imagine being able to capture a performance on stage at a concert or sporting event, while at the same time capturing your own reactions.

Before the curve with 5G support

At the heart of the OPPO F19 Pro + 5G is the MediaTek Dimension 800U 5G chipset, which makes the phone future-proof and ready-made SoC. In addition to providing blazing-fast performance for everyday tasks as well as gaming, this chipset allows the phone to support two 5G SIM cards simultaneously, developed by OPPO with Indian consumers in mind as dual SIMs are very popular in the country. A balance between work and personal life. In addition, OPPO’s smart 5G functionality makes it a more compelling purchase, as it allows the handset to switch smoothly between networks and even automatically maintains connections to improve the smartphone’s battery life. As a result, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of super fast 5G speeds in the future, while smart 5G algorithms will also ensure connectivity to a faster network without compromising the battery life of the phone. On top of that, the 360-degree antenna 3.0 allows you to get excellent signal strength at all times regardless of how you hold the phone.

Delicate, lightweight and ultra-thin design

The exterior of the OPPO F19 Pro + 5G is defined by its minimal and sleek design. The back surface uses state-of-the-art etching technology, which allows the rear panel to reflect a range of colors in different lighting conditions. What’s more, the smartphone adds another layer of elegance to its design due to its sleek and lightweight frame. In fact, despite the phone’s Beefy 4,310 mAh battery, the handset only scales to 173 grams and measures only 7.8 mm thick. Not to mention that the refined and classy display of the phone will definitely appeal to the millennials who are constantly in demand for the best ones from the smartphone makers.

What’s more, the handset is available in two stunning colors – Fluid Black and Space Silver – ensuring that everyone has something. In fact, the design technologies used by OPPO also ensure that the back panel of the phone is fingerprint and smudge-free! Surrounding all is the Gorilla Glass 5 layer on top of the one-piece quad-cam setup, which not only protects the lens but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the phone.


Clearly, OPPO has embarked on the launch of the F19 Pro + 5G, and to be precise – everything the smartphone market has to offer is different. Stunning AI Highlight Portrait Video, Ultra Night Video Features, Smart 5G with Dual SIM Support, and Excellent Design are some of the features that keep the OPPO F19 Pro + 5G in its own league and are sure to turn heads wherever you go! That crazy price tag of just Rs 25,990 makes an amazing bang for the buck. OPPO F19 Pro + 5G is ready for sale in India on e-commerce sites Amazon As well as offline stores. With such an attractive price and amazing features, it goes without saying that this smartphone is a must buy in its segment.

To make it even more compelling, OPPO is offering a bundled discount under which the Enco W11 earbuds are available for just Rs 999, while the OPPO band style is OPPO F19Pro + 5G or The OPPO F19 Pro for Rs 2,499.

OPPO’s current customers may also receive an additional one-time screen re-offer offer (valid for 365 days), an extended warranty of 180 days and an INR 1500 upgrade bonus. Buyers can also get these through the OPPO AI WhatsApp Chatbot.

Furthermore, smartphone enthusiasts can enjoy attractive discounts and cashback for the OPPO F19 Pro + 5G with the following banks and digital wallets:

  • Flat 7.5 per cent cashback on HDFC, ICICI, Kotak, Bank of Baroda, and Federal Bank credit cards
  • 11% Instant Cashback through Paytm, EMI Cashback with IDFC First Bank
  • Zero down-payment option through HomeCredit and HDB Financial Services
  • Triple Zero Scheme with Bajaj Finserv, ICICI Bank and IDFC First Bank


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