Developer ransom ‘100 million won’ era … 18 most popular IT jobs in the US by 2021


The epidemic has increased the demand for software developers in all industries as companies provide more digital services to their employees and customers and drive cloud strategies.

Appointment of CEO of US IT Recruitment Platform Josh Brenner “At the same time, we are currently in the midst of a‘ great resignation ’where employees are leaving their jobs at record rates,” he said.

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“During the COVID-19 epidemic, there is time for self-reflection as many people are rethinking their career paths from a new perspective. Some decided not to work in the office again, while others maintained better well-being and work-life balance. As a result, the turnover rate has increased and the demand for skilled technicians has increased.

This trend is also reflected in the average salaries of software developers. According to Highyard The average annual salary of a software developer in the United States is steadily rising from $ 146,000 in 2019 to $ 152,000 last year and $ 153,000 this year.

Robert Hoff 2022 Salary GuideBased on this, we have compiled a list of the highest paid software developer jobs in the United States. This figure represents the average US salary range for the 50th and 75th applicants.

Cloud and Software Architect
The highest paid job title (excluding C-levels) in 2021 is Cloud Architect. Companies are looking for talented engineers to guide their digital transformation.

Cloud / Network Architect: $ 153,750 to $ 180,500
Application Architect: $ 150,500 to $ 180,250

Software developers and engineers
Clearly, mobile and application developers are in greater demand than mainframe developers and they earn significantly higher salaries on average.

Software and Applications Manager: $ 142,500 to $ 166,250
• Mobile application developers: $ 137,250 to $ 163,750
• Senior Software Engineer: $ 135,250 to $ 162,250
Software Engineer: $ 124,500 to $ 147,250
Software Developers: $ 122,250 to $ 142,750
Developer / Programmer Analyst: $ 112,500 to $ 133,750
• Mainframe programmers: $ 77,250 to $ 87,500

Internet developer
Web application developers earn slightly different salaries than standard software developers.

Senior Web Developer: $ 128,750 to $ 151,000
• Web Developers: $ 111,000 to $ 131,500
Front-end developer: $ 93,250 to $ 107,750

DevOps Engineer
The increase in site reliability engineering (SRE) has resulted in an increase in the average wages of those positions. Candidates with these skills are, on average, able to earn more than their peers in the realm of devops. Although the lines between DevOps tasks are blurred, there are obvious additional perks for anyone who can subtly switch from DevOps to SRE.

Site Loyalty Engineer: $ 126,750 to $ 154,250
DevOps Engineer: $ 125,750 to $ 149,000

QA and testing
Meanwhile, according to Robert Hart, testing and quality assurance jobs are still among the lowest-paying developer jobs. QA and Test Developers are responsible for ensuring that code releases are consistent, bug-free, etc.

Test / QA Manager: $ 106,500 to $ 124,000
QA Engineer (Auto): $ 92,500 – $ 108,750
QA Engineer (Manual): $ 78,500 to $ 89,500
• QA Analysts / Associates: $ 81,250 to $ 96,750


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