“Complex network management in a single environment” … Google has unveiled a new tool


Connects and manages Google Cloud on-premises and cloud network resources.Network Connectivity Center‘The preview has been released. With Network Connectivity Center, you can configure and manage your network anytime, anywhere, providing consistent access to cloud and on-premises environments, policies and services.

In an organization that manages offices or offices that are scattered over many areas and have a large organizational size, it is common for many digital resources and assets to be complexly connected through a network. In addition, if you switch from an existing campus environment to a cloud-first strategy and manage business systems in different network environments, you need an efficient and effective network management solution.

Using the ‘Network Connectivity Center’ released as a Google Cloud Preview, you can easily and efficiently integrate and manage on-premises and cloud network resources. (Source: Google Cloud)

The Network Connectivity Center allows you to manage your network quickly and efficiently in such an environment in the following ways: First, it provides a single connectivity model to easily connect and manage VPN, interconnect and SD-WAN. It supports the same security, stability and high performance provided by Google’s global infrastructure environment.

The second provides flexible cloud connectivity. This affects Google’s global infrastructure for interconnection through existing partners or leased lines, and supports integrated connectivity to cloud VPNs, third-party routers and software-defined broadband networks. For reference, Google announced the ‘Cisco SD-WAN Cloud Hub’ in April 2020 in collaboration with Cisco.

Third, it provides a VPN-based multi-connection environment. With Network Connectivity Center, you can unlock VPN-based clouds either directly or through a set of partners, giving you the flexibility to create, connect and use resources across multiple clouds. While supporting a stable connection using Google’s infrastructure, you can manage and maintain a VPN multi-connection environment directly through the Network Connection Center or Partner Solution.

Fourth, SD-WAN and other routing solutions can be used as the default landing point when integrating with Google’s infrastructure. Through this, the benefits of SD-WAN and routing solutions can be easily and reliably extended to the Google cloud platform and use on-demand connectivity.

Fifth, real-time monitoring of global networks is possible. In a Network Connection Center, multiple network resources can be visualized and monitored in real time by a single network. Therefore, you can check the network performance or status in real time and check the traffic connection flow.

Rohis Ramkerma, Product Manager at Google Cloud Networking, said of Network Connectivity Center, “By enhancing Google’s global infrastructure, it provides a single management environment to easily create, connect and manage premises and cloud networks. VPN, Dedicated and Partners” By connecting lines or interconnections with software-defined WANs, we can reduce operational overhead and reduce costs. “ciokr@idg.co.kr


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