Company confirms that new state pre-registrations for PUBG iPhone users will begin soon


PUBG New State was re-announced in February The popular game is a sequel to PUBG Mobile‌ and is set to launch later this year. THe is currently only ready for pre-registration on Android‌, with no details on PUBG New State iOS availability. However, today the company revealed more details with the release of the new alpha testing trailer footage. In the new footage, Krafton announced that PUBG New State pre-registrations for iPhone users will begin soon and asked fans to visit the official website for all the latest details. Although no specific timeline has been revealed, we can expect an announcement in the next few weeks.

The PUBG New State Android version has received 10 million pre-registrations since February and a similar reception can be expected from iPhone users as well. As for closed alpha testing, Crafton said registrations for alpha testing will begin soon and will initially be available for Android in the US. However, based on feedback, it will be available to more parts of the world.

PUBG New State India Launch

Although the company did not specify where the game would start, the video covered the map of India in green, indicating that it might be on launch cards in the country.

But Battlefield Mobile India is coming soon

Preparing up to Krafton Launch PUBG in India soon as Battlefield Mobile India. If PUBG New State really launches in the country, we can assume that it will reduce ‘PUBG’ branding‌ and launch under different branding. During the PUBG New State announcement, the company stated that the India launch was not planned, but the official Hindi language website still exists Currently disabled This suggests that it may eventually consider its experiment.

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