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Meetings are a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. Whether it is a tedious meeting or an energetic meeting, most office workers agree to use their meeting time effectively. Intelligent calendar program developer ClockwiseAccording to the report, since the social distance due to the COVID-19 pandemic began, the time that office workers spend at meetings has increased by 25%. This trend is expected to continue.

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Over the past few years, I have tried many methods to manage meetings efficiently. For example, the estimated duration of a meeting is usually set at 20 minutes rather than 30 minutes. With a strict schedule, you can reach the core in a very short time and be ready for more meetings.

However, reducing the expected meeting time is not a one-size-fits-all solution. I asked several founders how to organize meetings effectively. Here are some ways to make your meetings better in less time.

Ask if a meeting is necessary

The best way to avoid wasting time at meetings is to avoid them in the first place. Financial services company Octane According to Chief Business Officer (CBO) Maria Abeledo, Octane ensures that Octane employees have a meeting they must attend, at least the number of attendees and that the meeting can be replaced by email before the meeting is scheduled.

Consulting firm Fearless Foundry CEO Madeline Pratt is a video-sharing platform L (loom)Use “Creating and sharing videos quickly is a great way to communicate without a conference call,” says Pratt. Pratt is Slack’s voice chat feature. HuddlesTo avoid unnecessary meetings.

Room CEO Joe Thomas records the purpose, agenda and related issues of the meeting in a short video and shares it with the participants. “Sometimes a meeting becomes unnecessary after you share a pre-video,” Thomas explained.

Prepare, prepare again

If there is no specific agenda, the meeting will go to the mountains. Video conferencing platform Biological storm CEO Gilberto said, “We recommend that you appoint a replacement chief executive officer who knows all about the agenda and will lead the meeting. After reviewing the agenda, the person in charge of the meeting can decide whether it is a necessary meeting or can be replaced by e-mail.

Leadership expert Bianca Reimer said, “We present the agenda a few days before the meeting so that participants can prepare their questions in advance. This creates an atmosphere where people who are quiet throughout the meeting express their views. Manufacturers of video conferencing equipment Owl Labs CEO Frank Weischaft also recommended sending a document one to three days before the meeting explaining what attendees need to know.

The House will not extend the agenda of the meeting if it is taken forward as it stands after it has been prepared. Schedule software According to the calendar CPO Annie Pearl said canceling meetings that were not ready, taking note of new agendas at the meeting, and discussing them at the next meeting would help the House run smoothly.

Make the most of your time

You may be discussing whether to hold the meeting by video or by voice only. Turning on the camera can be annoying, but it also makes participants focus more on the meeting. Berto said keeping all of the conference participants’ cameras online would help speed things up. For this reason, at LiveStorm, during meetings, participants always keep their cameras on and device microphones muted to minimize interruptions in the process.

Animation production platform Beyond CTO Matt Honey estimates that reading emails or texts during meetings can reduce productivity by up to 40%. “Even if distracting is exciting, you need to focus on the meeting to make things go smoothly,” Honey advises.

Cloud computing expert Susanne Tedrick says it is important to perform a technical inspection of the equipment and software needed for the conference in advance. Pre-checking the device and software eliminates wasted waiting time trying to determine the cause of the microphone non-operation.

Also, it is recommended to start the meeting three minutes after the end of the appointment time even if all the participants are not present. Anna Dearman Connick, ClarkVice Community Director, said: “The timing of meetings is fundamental. Meeting organizers are responsible for keeping track of the agenda, time flow and speed, and making clear the purpose and outcome of the meeting. Only then will the meeting continue without deviating from its purpose.

Internal Event Company Team building “It’s not clear,” said CEO Michael Alexis, “If you spend 8% of your time having fun on social networking, you can speed up the meeting.” If you create a comfortable atmosphere among the participants by reducing the awkward atmosphere with a light joke, it will have a positive effect on the progress of the meeting. At this point, there is a way to limit the time to 5 minutes so that social networking does not change for a long time.

Pratt also viewed the method positively. Pratt said, “We start our weekly meeting on Monday by asking about employee status or what they did over the weekend and end the meeting with another question that makes the employee laugh like‘ what do I want to do quickly today ’. It is also important to get an idea of ​​how employees are feeling at the beginning of the week.

Auto-recording has now become a standard feature on most videoconferencing platforms. In my experience, the auto-record feature works well in all respects except technical terms and specific names. It is also important to take advantage of this feature. Video Sharing Platform Panopto “Key information after the meeting should be shared in a searchable video-on-demand library so that other employees can listen to the meeting at any time and quickly see what’s relevant to their job,” said Mike Rich, vice president of strategic alliances. .

There is no work life without meetings. However, meetings should not monopolize the time of office workers. Let’s use the methods introduced so far to increase meeting productivity.

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