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What are the most popular Indian short video apps that you can use instead of Tic Tac Toe? This has happened many times since TikTalk was banned, and today there are many homegrown video-sharing apps that can provide an experience similar to the Indian hobby. Apps like Josh, Mitran, Moz, MX Taka Tak and Public not only provide all the handy tools you need to create your next viral video, but also support native languages ​​like Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi and more.

Government in June Blocked Many apps related to China, including the popular BytDance-owned video-sharing platform TickTalk. Since then, many Made-in-India video-sharing apps have started gaining traction among consumers and investors. Tick-tock-alternative though Mitron Tap One crore download mark Within two months of its launch in June, Chingari Saw one crore downloads a Duration only 22 days, In the month of June. Earlier this week, India’s TikTalk spin-off Josh raised $ 100 million (approximately Rs 740 crore) from leading investors. Google And Microsoft.

Here are five popular homegrown apps you can check out:


Designed to work similarly to Josh Tickoutak, developed by Bangalore-based Versace Innovation behind leading aggregator Dailyhunt. Josh, who prides himself on the content of famous creators like Afsha Shah, Zubin Shah and Vishal Parekh, allows users to test your acting skills with funny or romantic dialogues ranging from crunching to your favorite tunes. It also presents simple challenges for new followers and creators who can gain popularity online. Users can share their favorite video directly through WhatsApp. In addition to English content, Josh supports Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and more Indian languages.

Download Josh: Android | iOS


Another fun video-sharing app, Moz has been developed by ShareChat. Although it started quietly, Moz reportedly saw over 50,000 downloads In just two days In the month of July. With over seven million creators on the platform, Moz allows users to quickly create vlogs on a wide range of topics, from enhanced food to sports, through fun filters, stickers and quick-edit tools. It allows creators to post music videos and classic lip-sync dubbing clips. Available in 15 languages, the app supports Assamese, Bengali, Oriya, Tamil and more.

My Download: Android | iOS

MX Takatak

MX TakaTak was very inspired by Tik Tak. From its name (TikTok – Takatok) to its logo colors, the app created by MX Media is an experience similar to the banned Chinese app. With quick video-editing tools, extensive stickers and filters, as well as quick share options on various social media platforms, MX Takatak has garnered over 50 million downloads so far. Yes, like all the other apps on this list, MX Takatak also offers regional language support for Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi and more.

Download MX TakaTak: Android | iOS


The public stands out from the other apps on this list – for good reason. This is a local news app that provides you with short videos of all the events and happenings in your area based on your GPS location. From sports matches to power cuts, users can record and share short videos of any and all newspaper local events, sharing their views and opinions in the process. Used properly, this app can be really useful for you and your immediate customers as it provides free health check-ups and regular updates on essential events like others in your area. The app supports regional languages ​​like Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and more.

Public Download: Android | iOS


Following the Tiktok ban, Mitran saw an asteroid rise in popularity, along with a fair share of controversies. Back in May, a Report Mitran actually rejected the so-called Tiktik Pakistan app, which was rejected Its developers. It also has Alleged vulnerability It compromises user accounts. In June, it was OK Deleted From Google Play for violating the Store ‘Spam and Minimal Activity’ policy in June. However, Mitron eventually did Find its way back Entered Google Play and crossed the one crore download mark in a short span of time. The reason behind this is verified by the app’s UI and editing tools, which are designed to be simple and easy to use. It offers a wide range of sounds to choose from and use in Creations. Users can also use their own sounds to create videos. The app’s hands-free recording feature is also useful.

Download Mitron: Android | iOS

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