“By 2024, the gravitational pull of data on the financial services, manufacturing and insurance industries will double.” Digital reality


Digital Realty has published version 1.5 of its Data Gravity Index report.

Version 1.5, released by expanding the scope of the survey, covers companies located in 53 global cities and analyzes the intensity and gravity indicators of data growth for companies in 23 different industries around the world.

Tony Bishop, Senior Vice President, Growth and Marketing, Digital Reality Platform, said, “Data gravity is a barrier to corporate growth in all industries around the world. This report is written for companies looking to develop data-based structures and meet their digital transformation. Challenges. ”

The industries that produce the largest data gravity are banking, financial services, manufacturing and insurance. All of these industries are expected to grow rapidly with digital acceleration, digital-based interactions and data exchange.

According to the report, banks and financial services firms are expected to increase data gravity due to the growth of the regional banking and financial hub.

Large manufacturers are expanding their data and analytics capabilities to continue the trend of consumers spending more time at home. The insurance industry predicts that data gravity will increase and become more important as digital-based interactions increase, and company data exchange in major cities will accelerate.

According to the report, the fastest growing data gravity intensity is in Jakarta, Indonesia, followed by Singapore, Rome, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Atlanta. In addition, the data exchange volume of companies in major cities such as New York, London, Hong Kong, Seoul, Amsterdam, Silicon Valley, Singapore and Sydney, where Forbes Global 2000 companies are located in the banking and financial sector services, will grow significantly.

“Data is getting faster without gravitating moment,” said Dave McCarthy, vice president of digital realty. “We want our decision makers to be able to strategically decide where to place the data. Ciokr@idg.co.kr


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