Breaking! PUBG: New State Game announced, pre-registration is now live


PUBG: PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS New state announces new game from PUBG studio maker. Crafton Inc. Announces the launch of the new Battle Royale game via a teaser video on YouTube that shows the game’s graphics, story and gameplay. Similar to the original PUBG game, PUBG: New State “100 survivors left with only one player or team left.” PUBG: New State Pre-Registration is now live Google Play Store. Unfortunately, the game is not available in India due to PUBG mobile ban.

Pub: New State Announced

Pub: New State Trailer Revealed

PUBG: New State brings ultra-realistic graphics and dynamic gunplay, according to a description on the Google Play Store. The game introduces drones, combat roles and more. PUBG: New State PUBG 2.0, previously rumored. The game is set in 2051, where “many factions of anarchy fight each other.” Pub: The new state is compatible with Android phones running Android 6.0 and above.

PUBG: No new state available in India

Those who want to pre-register for PUBG: The new state in India will be disappointed as the game is not available in the country. The PUBG: New State game is unlikely to ever be released in India as the PUBG mobile ban is still very much in force. Although Cranton split with Tencent, the launch of PUBG Mobile India has not yet taken place. The game has not yet received the green light from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MTY). PUBG Mobile India has been announced as the India-only version of the World Game, which comes with new features and gameplay in line with the country’s rules and regulations.


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