Bluetooth Headphones: The best wireless over-ear headphones in India for less than Rs 5,000


Bluetooth Headphones 2021: Head or over-ear headphones are still a preferred choice among creators and professionals. The reason is that headphones are comfortable and in some cases provide better sound than earphones. In this article we will take a look at the best over-the-ear headphones available in India for under Rs 5,000. The options are all wireless so you can pair them with jack-less mobile phones. Don’t worry, modern Bluetooth headphones come with impressive battery life. In addition, they also prefer a built-in microphone for taking calls. Here are the best affordable wireless headphones currently on the market.

Over Ear Headphones in India

Fewer than 1,000 wireless headphones

1. Zebronics Zeb-Thunder

Bluetooth headphones

Affordable Bluetooth headphones have a sturdy plastic build with adjustable headband and soft earbuds. Zebronics Zeb-Thunder’s 40mm drivers rated each year to provide respectable audio quality. Headphones have 9 hours of battery life on a single charge. In addition to connecting the headset via Bluetooth, you can also pair it with the device of your choice using the 3.5mm Ax. Thanks to your built-in microSD card slot, you can use Zebronics Zeb-Thunder as standalone headphones. The audio accessory is currently available for sale in India for just under Rs 785.

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2. Nu Republic Starboy X-Boss

Bluetooth headphones

Starboy X-Boss over-the-ear headphones from Nu Republic come with noise insulation to block outboard noise. Premium finishing is enhanced by the use of soft rubber and other materials. Headphones have a built-in multi-function button that allows you to control music playback and answer calls without having to pocket the phone. The Starboy-X has 180-degree foldable ear cups and a headband that can be adjusted to your size. The built-in battery lasts up to 8 hours and the Bluetooth range is up to 10 meters. Starboy X-Boss is yours for Rs.99.

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3. Leaf ear boss

Less than 1000 wireless headphones

The Leaf Ear Boss is currently one of the best wireless headphones you can buy for under Rs 1,000. Like the Zebronics Zeb-Thunder, the Leaf also packs 40mm drivers, but the battery life is 10 hours instead of 9 hours. Headphones can be paired with Bluetooth v5.0 as well as Aux. Other features include built-in controls, a microphone for hands-free calling, and a sweat-resistant design. The Leaf Year Boss price in India is Rs 999.

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The best wireless headphones under Rs 2,000

1. Boat Rockerz400

Over Ear Headphones

The boAt Rockerz 400 wireless headphones are very popular for less than Rs 2,000. The headset extends the battery life by 8 hours, charging it to 100 percent in just 2 hours. The headphones are compatible with Android and iOS-powered devices and include Bluetooth v5.0 with a 10m range. It has a built-in microphone for hands-free calls, and the Boat Rockerz400 comes with a foldable design that makes it easy to carry. The headset is currently on sale in India from Rs 1,349.

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2. Blupunkt BH01

Fewer than 2000 Bluetooth headphones

Bluepunkt BH01 headphones have an equalizer mode that can be toggled with a single click between music and turbo bass mode. The on-the-ear design gives you the convenience of folding the yearbooks, making them easy to carry in a bag. The headphone gains the necessary durability from the metal finish on the ear cups, which helps it last longer. It packs a 300mAh battery that offers up to 10 hours of play time on a single charge. Wireless headphones under Rs 2,000 also include 40mm drivers, inline controls and a built-in microphone. The BH01 from BluePunkt is available in the market for Rs 1,499.

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3. Eyeball decibel

The best wireless headphones in India

IBall decibel supports a slightly unique design, built-in FM radio and Amazon Alexa. Headphones should be comfortable for up to 6 hours on a single charge. Although yearbooks are not rotatable, you can fold them inwards to carry them comfortably. Eyeball decibel specifications include Bluetooth v5.0, microSD card slot, 3.5mm Ax-in, microphone and music play / start and volume buttons.

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The best wireless headphones under 5 thousand

1. Sony WH-CH510

The best Bluetooth headphones under Rs.5000

If you are looking for wireless over-ear headphones for travel purposes, you should get the Sony WH-CH510. The headset has a battery life of up to 35 hours. The earrings have 180-degree rotating hinges, which means they can be hung around your neck when not in use. Headphones are convenient for users to spend more time listening to. Additionally, the Sony WH-CH510 comes with 30mm drivers, built-in mic, Type-C port for charging, in-line controls and Google Assistant support. Headphones can be had for up to Rs 2,990.

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2. Jace-X Five

Over Ear Headphones in India

The Jace-X5 does not have as good a battery life as the Sony WH-CH510, but it is still one of the best wireless headphones under Rs 5,000. The headset supports 20 hours of battery life, 40mm drivers, Bluetooth v4.2 and SBC and AAC Bluetooth codecs. Additionally, the Jace-X5Rax micro-USB port for charging, controls for volume, 3.5mm jack for playback, power and wired connectivity. The right ear cup also has a microphone and indicator light. Jace-X5 sells for Rs 4,999 in India.

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3. JBL Live 400 bt

Bluetooth Headphones 2021

The list of non-JBL headphones is an incomplete list. We are wrapping the best wireless headphones under Rs 5,000 and this article with JBL Live 400BT. This is the most beautiful pair of over-the-ear headphones you can own in this price segment. The headband has a fabric finish, but the JBL Live 400BT’s earplugs can be folded, as well as rotated 180-degrees. Talking about the features of on-ear headphones, they will have a discussion through ambient awareness and technology. The 700mAh battery within the JBL Live 400BT lasts up to 24 hours between charges. The quick 15 minute charge allows you to extend the fun for an additional 2 hours.

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How to connect Bluetooth headphones to a laptop

  • Turn on the Bluetooth on your headphones
  • Now, go to the laptop. If it’s running Windows 10, go to the notification tray -> Expand the quick settings panel -> and right-click on Bluetooth. The Settings page appears, if Bluetooth is turned off, turn it on and select ‘Add Bluetooth or other device’. It finds Bluetooth devices nearby and connects yours. That’s it!
  • Apple’s Mac users can click on the Bluetooth icon next to Wi-Fi. You will see a list of all nearby wireless devices available for pairing. Look for the name of your headphones and click on it to attach.

Additionally, you can connect Bluetooth headphones to your laptop using Aux. Most wireless headphones have a built-in 3.5mm port that can be used to plug-in cables. Cable is often transported with headphones.


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