Bizarre iPhone, iPad bug makes browser crash on typing certain letters; Apple releases fix


iPhone and iPad bug causing Safari to crash

According to a Report According to 9to5Mac, several three-character search strings can trigger a Safari bug that causes the browser to crash. This bug and its search strings include ‘tar’, ‘bes’, ‘wal’, ‘wel’, ‘old’, ‘sta’ and ‘pla’, with multiple possible other string terms.

This error may be caused by a faulty internal server configuration that causes the web browser to malfunction when entering these terms. Such errors are not very uncommon and can be easily fixed by companies like Apple that operate operating systems.

The bug in question has been found in all versions of iOS 16 as per the reports. The problem is now fixed by an internal server-end fix from Apple’s end, which means that you, as users, won’t have to manually apply a fix through a software update in the future.

91Mobiles has not been able to independently verify the issue as of today, and it appears that Safari is now working fine on both iOS and iPadOS, even using the above search terms.


Source by [91 Mobiles]

Written By [Baji Infotech]